Monday, January 30, 2006

Vaya Con Dios Eddie........

What a swerve!!! Rey Misterio Jr. - Royal Rumble winner. WOW!!!. Can't wait to see the rumble a couple of weeks from now. Enjoyed seeing Rey paying tribute to Eddie in his previous matches and I guess Eddie is smiling right now. A touch of class by the WWE. And Malenko, Beniot and Chavo backstage with Rey - What can I say? Eddie still is No.1. Rumors keep flying of Orton beating Rey for a No.1 Contenders match. Just hope WWE don't screw this up. Hope they listen to the fans and put the belt on Rey. That would be one for the books. In the meantime just plan to enjoy the road to Wrestlemania. Viva La Raza!!!!

- Hari

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