Saturday, January 21, 2006

To Beer - Cheers!!

I guess, with a screen ID of Falstaff, this one should have come way sooner. This is the first in a series where the watering holes of Chennai are discussed. As I had been to the Bamboo Bar at Savera, will start off with that today.
This is one of the best Bars in town for a quiet drink (In the 3 star category), and is my preferred joint after some brilliant geezer decided to spruce up Tinto (The Residency). The ambience is fantastic, with, as the name suggests, bamboo furniture being the high point.As usual, went in for a mug of ice cold draught that absolutely hit the spot. Went down marvelously with a plate of egg sandwiches. For those who enjoy cocktails, the bar has an interesting selection including a campari/grape cocktail that I used to enjoy.
Meant for serious drinkers who love their conversation as much as their pitcher, this is a great place to chill and relax after a tough day at work.

- Hari

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