Monday, January 30, 2006

Sathyam, Saarang and Others

Its been a pretty hectic week, and this is the first chance I've had to sit at a computer for a couple of hours. Had been to Saarang last week for the Choreo and Shankar Mahadevan's Concert. The choreo was good fun as usual, though I unfortunately had to leave after the 4-5 as I had to see Hotel Rwanda that day. More on that later. Shankar rocked. Simply enjoyed myself hearing songs from DCH, KHNH etc..Pretty Woman was Great, with a bevy of babes on stage with Shankar. The only disapointment was that there was not a single song from Aalavandhan. Interestingly the crowd was extremely disciplined, unlike us when we were in college. Saarang also reminded me painfully of the fact that I was no longer a college student. Also gave me an oppurtunity to catch up with a couple of my schoolmates. All in all had a great time.
Saw a couple of movies this week that simply rocked. Hotel Rwanda and The Bicycle Thief. The former was the first in Sathyam's Pure Cinema series and the latter part of the 110 years of world cinema. Kudos to Sathyam to give film buffs an oppurtunity to savor and relish these movies. Great going.
Also saw Rang De Basanti this week. Fantastic performance from Aamir. The characters were absolutely natural and the transformation from happy-go-lucky pals to a group detrmined to make a point was well explained. Sometimes it does take a personal tragedy for us to look at the bigger picture. The correlation between events of the past and present, especially the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre really made you sit up and think. A great watch for a thinking audience.
Finally a quick plug. Those of you who haven't seen Evam's latest play Chapter 2 - Get your tickets ASAP. The play is based on the lives of 4 characters. George - a widower, Jenny - A divorcee; George's brother Leo and Jenny's friend Fey who are trying to get the two to date others. What happens when the two finally meet (After a series of hilarious phone calls by George), and what takes place after their marraige is depicted beautifully. Absolutely fantastic drama that had you in splits in one moment and in tears the next. Karthik as Leo gives a stupendous performance. Tickets are available at landmark and Odyssey for the Feb 11/12 performance.


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