Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bombay changes ppl

Hailing from a "comparitively" sleepy and conservative town of Chennai and moving to Bombay was an experience by itself.I call Chennai a town not because of it's size or population,but just because of the overall laid-back attitude of the janta.I would'nt imagine a girl wearing a t-shirt to college,the sloganm saying"Fcuked twice only and 19,totally uncool".People express themselves and sometimes vulgarly.
A 30 yr old Govt. engineer is capable of buying a 90 Lakh flat(pretty common in mumbai) would be a front pager in the HINDU.I understand there is corruption everywhere.But i fail to understand, how a guy manages to "make money out of black money".Looking at all this my dear friends the value of a 10 rupee note ceases to exist.
I hail from a middle class family.As per the GOI urban middle class (assets 5-10 lakh),but in Bombay it is 50 100 lakhs.Everyone is a shark and a normal office going person talks about investment in "petis"(slang for a briefcase with 1 lakh cash).One with a 20 grand pay-packet can not help but feel poor.That is all about money guys.
Carrying on from the point of the girl wearing an obscene t-shirt.Love-life here is as obscene as the t-shirt.Yesterday nite there wasa big commotion upstairs at midnite.A couple "living together" but not married,started yelling at each other.By listening to whatever I cud gather, the girl was shouting about a strip of contraceptives in the Guy's pocket sometime before.Essentially when the guy returned in the nite there was his colleague on top of his GF.A common call center story.Life here is so uncaring.
Bye for now


Sreenath said...

Dude lighten up bob . I mean take a chill pill buddy. Just because people use the word fuck excessively does'nt make a city vulgar if you think so my only suggestion is stay clear of australia where even the word Bastard is used as a term of endearment. The second think is why d you guys associate call centers with sex ..seriously i have been working in a call center and have never so much as got a kiss from a girl let alone a live in relationship Which by the way i think is cool because you actually get to know girls better in a positive and healthy way .

Hari said...

Ah.....getting to know girls in a positive and healthy way......Aren't we the ladies men? I would love to hear your views on something "unhealthy". Btw can fully understand why u did not get so much as a kiss.....keep the fantasies going.....

Falstaff2006 said...

sreenath i have never seen u otherwise we cud have had a serious coffee table discussion over the issue.on the whole as hari says it depends from person to person how he or she acts to a situation and i can confidently say that u react in a way in which 1% of the janta in call centers react like.sex at call enters is a well known issue and it is further blossoming b'cos small town unqualified unguided ppl are coming on to b'bay with the prospect of earning easy bucks.reply if possible.or call me at 09869488628