Friday, January 20, 2006

I wish I were.......

As I got to the essay on dogs, just saw another scribbling of mine, which was written as an innocent schoolboy. Am putting it up for review and comment.

My flat you know,
Is near a dhobikana
Every morning at six,
As I swig my coffee
I can hear the ‘Thud Thud Thud’
Of clothes flaying against the washing stone.
Oh! I wish I were a dobhi – what a clean trade
Though its all about washing
Others dirty linen

As the clock strikes seven
I am ready for the day
My neighbors auto engine
Purrs into life
And soon he splutters along
His daily routine.
Oh! I wish I were an auto driver
Getting all the mileage,
As I take others for a ride.

The clock strikes eight
Time I left for school
Down the stairway I go,
With my burden of books
Up comes wafting
The smell of Sabzi and Pulav.
Oh! How I wish I were a chef
What a way to get on the gravy train
While others get into the soup.

The bell chimes nine.
The teacher enters the class.
All stand to attention
Muffled voices, token silence.
Oh! How I wish I could get into my teacher’s shoes
But only the wearer knows where it pinches most.

So let me be me
A schoolboy without a care.

- Hari


Anonymous said...

Awesome dude!


Anonymous said...

and it reminded me of nandu in alavandan. sounds like sth he mght have written whe he was young n innocent. am not surprised that you resonate with that character.i think you have shades of him in you Mr.Eccentric :-))


Sreenath said...

Hehe dude I think you nicked this from a poem we had in the ninth standard the name of which eludes me ...but the gist of it was that this dude actually wanted to be a gardner a watchman and some thing else i just cannot remember

Hari said...

Morbid imagination u moron. Ur poem sounds interesting. Send me a copy if u get one.