Thursday, January 26, 2006


When hari told me about the absolute ball of a time they were having at sarang at iit,film releases at chennai,i became real jealous.But incidentally as the saying goes, "Every dog has it's day", I had my day y'day.My colleague took me to a wedding reception of a Engine dealer's daughter.On first impression,the Al ppl were perhaps the only ones to arrive by a taxi.The parking space was a virtual luxury car showroom.As we walked towards the reception hall,in our mediocre service clothes(i call them mediocre because wearing a shirt and trouser in that sort of occasion was mediocre,the gentry were in designer bandh galas or provogue designer couture) the girls(dressed in 20 grand lachhas) "absolute chicks" sidelined our red-carpeted entry way spreading rose-petals.Every chick barring two were worth the nth we entered the reception hall(stadium would be the right word for it)it was completely white marble tiled and with theme medieval furniture and upholstery.
Me and my middle aged colleague got ourselves a comfortable sofa.We were served great mocktails by 5-star waiters(peach and lichi with a sparkling of farsan shaken up in a frozen margherita style or a guava-pineapple extract with some mild soda)complimented by knick-knacks.
And yes-yes-yes I am forgetting all about the eye-candy.Sorry female readers of the article but boys are always boys.Sexy chicks(could well have been models)did a little gig before the bride and groom arrived.Lusciously registered the entire sighting into my deepest of grey cells for future use.came out into the dining "park".there were tents all over the place ,"mexican tents","italian tents","all american tents".There were italian salads with lots of olive oil,enchillados and burritos with filling of beans and salsa name some of my favourites there was this amazing "rasogolla chat",a semi-frozen desert(bottom layer tea-cake,centre layer of cream and vanilla ice-cream,topped with natural black-currant sauce.the dry-fruit sweets topped with hot cucumber halwa were just too good.
"altogether a great evening of indulgence"

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