Sunday, January 15, 2006

Guys with Colored Hair

I can understand girls coloring their long tresses... but wats the deal with guys trying to dip their two inch locks in dyes??? Really!! This is something eccentric - pardon me if i sound harsh - But seriously!!! There is a limit to copying ('apeing' s the right word... altho am trying to use a few euphemisms) ..... First was long hair....Have any of u ever had the feeling that guys with long hair are dirty? (No offence meant...) Then came the ear rings - with rules if I am right.. (one on the left signifies homosexuality??? ....someting like that) Now the fad is hair color!! Atleast there should be some kind of rule that says certain colors are banned for certain facial cuts!! The end result is 'vomit inducing'.....hmm... this being my first blog i dont wish to get beaten up... sorry... if any of u are getting hurt by this u r free to delete this... (he he...)

- Chandri

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