Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Si a Todo!!!

- Hari

Forbidden Fruits

This blog is dedicated to a very special friend - Aruna

While thinking about what would be an appropriate topic for a 50th blog, one of my friends suggested writing about some of the things we had done, which would raise hell if our parents came to know, and give us so much pleasure. I had thought that was a good idea (though not for a 50th) and am going to talk about some of these. Being a Brahmin, you will obviously find alcohol a major part of the blog.
Talking of alcohol, remember when I was in eighth - my uncle poured me a small measure of beer which I hated. Promptly complained to my mother who yelled at him. In fact, it was her scolding him that made me slink up to him the next time and ask for some more. I was instructed never to tell her and a magical world of beer, campari, wine, baileys, vodka, ouzo, amaretto opened up. I can never forget how every friday my uncle would buy a couple of bottles and I would make some excuse to go to our balcony and gulp my "quota". The only sticky situation that arose was when a family friend commented to my mother as to how " hari enjoyed the food and beer" though my uncle bore the brunt of my mother's wrath. Moving on to college, it was my friend Satish who insisted we keep something in the house. Cycled for nearly 3 km to get a bottle of old monk. Will never forget the way I was looking left and right befor entering the shop. Managed to somehow get it inside and that was the begining of an era. It was Satish with whom I had gone to my first bar - a dingy one called SNS. Slunk in only to find my senior there............drinking a pepsi. One of the funniest moments I had. My college was EXTREMELY strict and it was an achievment to escape. My friend and I decided we needed to do a bunk and walked nearly 2 km, crouching and hiding behind shrubs. While we got out successfully, to our dismay the college bus reached just an hour later. Also remember how the entire college bunked one day before an exam and we were all peanalised. Can only laugh looking back. School had its tales of unruly behaviour too. With a couple of my friends ragging the PT master, and my friend and I placing a plastic spider on one of our teachers, the entire class was suspended. Unfortunately my mother chose that day to come to school and...............Also remember the time in school when we informed our teacher not to put his legs on the desk as we had cleaned the class. We got the class split for our efforts. A memorable incident in college is my TOEFL exam. Had already arranged with a couple of my friends to go to a bar after the exam , and the only thing I remember is how I rushed through the exam so as not to keep them waiting. Scored a score of 297 which definitely needed to be celebrated and we ended up going to two bars instead of one. The minute I got home started talking to my mom who immediately found out. Her impeccable logic went " If you weren't drunk you would have gone straight to your room, locked it and not spoken to me" Women!!! Anyway convinced her had some non alcoholic stuff that smelt like alcohol (I was one hell of a talker) and closed that chapter. Another incident I could never forget was my trip to hyderabad. We had a massive bash and my friend Girish and I decided to take an early morning walk to get him a fag. The look on the doorman's face when we shook him awake at 3 was priceless, as was the conversation we had well into the morning. Also remember when the entire class decided to beat up a guy who had "insulted" us. This led to the whole mech dept. being suspended. We would go to college for the record and be promptly put on a bus back home. The whole thing was how to hide it from our parents. I would go to my friends house nearby (he was in a room), stay with him till 3 50. At that time would quietly go back home as though I had come from college. Unfortunately a prof. who was very close to me got so worried he decided to talk to my mom and a volcano erupted. Again by a smooth tongue persuaded her that it was all ok and they could not suspend a class etc. When I joined work, we had an official party and decided to tell my mom about having a beer. Unfortunately my cell was off as I was also organising the party and my mom chose to call my friend Anandh who informed her that yes beer was served and no, neither him nor I had any. The next day when I called her the peculiar conversation followed :
Me: Hi, there was a party yesterday and had a couple of beers
Mom: No
Me: What??
Mom: You didn't
Me: Yes I did
Mom : Anandh said you didn't
Me: Yes we did
Mom: But he said..............
Women!!! To convince my mom I HAD a god.
After joining my present department in Sep, suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hand. The obvious choice was to fill up time with a movie. What my mom did not know was that we had sometimes seen as many as 4 movies on the same day. Unfortunately, one of my friends got to know due to a chance remark I made and all hell broke loose.
These are some of the times where I have got a small bit of satisfaction, not by doing something wrong but by doing something hidden. What big men we become by having something to hide!!!

- Hari

And Thats a Half-century...............

As you would have guessed this one's blog no. 50. For obvious reasons, I wanted this to be a memorable one - something I have not talked about and goes beyond the normal issues discussed. As I look back on my 23 years, I would not be where I am without my family, friends, mentors etc. While your family is not something one can choose, our friends and other influencers are very much our own choice. For the first half of this blog I am going to talk of some of my mentors and friends who have helped me get to where I am today. In the second portion, I will be talking about some of my time at Ashok Leyland and the origins of this blog. Hang on.....

  • Mr. Rajendran - My Maths teacher from 6th to 12th, this man was one of a kind. I still remember how scared I was of him when I was a kid, and was extremely upset when I found I had him as my teacher in the 6th. This feeling quickly changed once I attended his classes, and as we both had a genuine interest in Maths, we became pretty close. One of the first men to encourage me think out of the box. I still remember trying in vain to prove the SSA theorem with my classmates and how elated we were when we did so. We ran over to show him the result, and he managed to disprove our proof in a couple of minutes. However the way in which he said we had done a good job and asked us not to accept anything just because it was in a book still stands out. A genuinely good human being.
  • Mr. Sethu - My chemistry teacher in 8th. The first time I saw this man, he was wearing his trademark faded jeans, denim shirt and bathroom slippers. Still remember the sniggers of amusement. Sethu was the first man to throw my entire concept of school upside down. Till then I had concentrated on marks and was studying entirely for that. He was the first to question the importance of marks, indeed of the study material itself. Knowledge for knowledge sake was something I got from him. It was after that, that my marks went down but I started enjoying myself. I would go into a history exam reading Freedom at Midnight and The Longest Day rather than my textbooks.A man who could have got Into the IIT for his MTech but chose not to because his mother needed to be taken care of. A truly great man.
  • Mrs. Nalini Parthiban - My English teacher in Eighth, she was a woman who used to allow me to express myself in any way I wanted. The freedom of Expression I got from her was something remarkable. It was she who opened my reading from the normal bestsellers to varied authors of repute. I discovered the cathartic effect writing could have, under her. I still remember some of the pieces I wrote on Social Issues - Childish, Raw and Straight From the heart. The poem and article I had uploaded a couple of months were written in her class. But for her, I doubt this blog would have ever taken shape.
  • Mr. Sankaran - My IIT coaching Physics teacher. Afflicted with RP, he had total lack of vision. I was simply bowled over by his attitude and his brain. He would remember a sum and tell you in which years paper it had appeared. When he drew on the board, no two lines would even intersect. I was amazed. Apart from his ability, he was one of the few people I really trust. A man who when he gave advice would have only your interest at heart. He was the man from who I learnt the meaning of GUTS.
  • Mr K V Narayanan - He was my professor in collge who taught me OR and TQM. He was also the head of the Depatment for Higher Studies. I still recollect the day we were talking about applications to the USA and he asked if I knew anyone with an interest in Thermal Engineering. I replied that I was his man. That led to two years of assisting him on his PhD. on cofiring. He was one of the few educated men in my college and it was a pleasure to talk to him. Another man who's words meant a lot to me.
  • Mr. Balan - He was the person who trained me initially at Ashok Leyland, and gave me a lot of support when I wanted to apply for a masters in Finance. One of the most genuine people I have known, and a person I am proud to call not merely a mentor but a friend as well. It was much later that I found he was my English teacher Mrs. Nalini's brother. He was a man who not only guided me on my work and education but stands out as the person who taught me about life. A man for whom learning never ends, there is nothing more exhilrating than talking with him for a couple of hours. Just walking with him, talking to him over a mug of beer would be a lesson in itself. A man with the most unique perspective I have seen. Truly blessed by god.

If I have to talk of my friends, there is way too much to do so and it merits a blog on its own. For that purpose alone, I limit my blog to 6 people. (Nothing special about 6 - just thought a dozen is a nice number)

  • Dileepan - One of my closest friends at school. We used to study for IIT together and used it as a pretext to have marathon conversations. Remember when we were chatting for more than half a day, and finally the phone cord got cut at 4 in the morning. Yet another time, after almost ten hours on the phone, told him coolly that ok lets get to the beach and continue this. My mom was WILD!! This guy is one of the few who really put up with me. Studying for the IIT took its toll on you and I was in a foul mood many a day. Considering that he was taking the exam too, a lesser man would have considered a sock in the jaw.
  • Sivamani - Yet another guy with an infectious sense of humor, hanging out with him required real stamina. A day spent with him would always turn out to be a gastronomic delight.I still remember how he would insist we go to a bar in T Nagar as the snacks were great (he was a tee totaller). Obviously had no problem what so ever.After our final year exams were over, we had decided to drop off some of our friends who were leaving the next day. This quickly turned into an all nighter and one of the most memorable days in my life. To this day remember 6 of us strolling through T Nagar at 2 30 in the morning. Ah..............
  • Satish - My bus mate in college, he was in the EEE dept. I have hung out with him more than any person in my own department. Probably one of the most comfortable guys to be around, his breed of humor was uplifting. I would often go to him with something serious and gloomy and in a few seconds he would shut me up with some earthy comment that just removed everything else. Some of the times I have spent with him, especially in my first year rate as the best I have ever had. He was also the first friend I had drinks with. (Till then had limited myself to drinking with my uncle.) More on that in a separate blog. One incident stands out - When we went to buy a lampshade that was packed in a Black Knight box. The conductor was shooting dark glances at us, and by the time we got down I'm sure the whole bus thought we were drunkards. We took our load to a ice cream parlour and settled down only to see shocked looks from everyone there. Split our sides.
  • Sreenath - Arguably the most eccentric of my friends. An avid reader of books, we used to go on book hunting trips all over the city. I recollect the "deals" we had with amusement. Any Wodehouse I found was his while the Cecils and Gordons would go to me. After reading Wodehouse's Psmith jouranlist, the bloke spent a day pestering me as to how he would look with a monocle. This was one guy with whom anything goes. At one instant we would be discussing seriously the impact of Dunkirk on WWII, the next it would be how it would be to join the French Foreign Legion (To "forget").
  • Diwakar - My friend and colleague in R&D, this is one more person with whom I could simply be myself. An absolutely genuine person and one in whom you could confide anything. We used to hang out together at Sathyam seeing "different movies" and got extremely close. Some of the times we have had at the beach or the day we took a trip to Mutukadu and Mahabalipuram come as close to perfect as perfect can.
  • Aruna - Another friend and a person who probably knows me inside out. One of the best things of her is her tongue (He he........I can imagine your face when you read this.) Just talking to her is an experience in itself. Never a dull moment.
  • Jain - If you asked 60 of my classmates who his best friends were all 60 would stand up. One of the greatest guys I have met, and probably the most "Alive" guy I have known. Some of the times we had..........remember the ED exam we studied together. We were desparate for a drink and I had a bottle of Vodka but nothing to mix it with. My mom served us some coffee and we quickly locked the door, added the two and downed it. Awful mix, but did the trick. Similarly our trip to Hydrabad..............ah.....For those who don't know Jain passed away in an accident in may 2003. Even now, it is with a lump in my throat that I write this. I miss you, buddy........,

That concludes my first part of this very special blog. As I have already said, I could only talk of a few of my friends and mentors. Some of my teachers who desreve special mention include Mrs Geetha Raghuram, my first English teacher, Mrs Umashankari - the person who kindled my interest in history, Mrs Deepa who nurtured it,Mrs. Sujatha - who gave me a long rope in her ecomomics class (I recollect the patience with which she would hear me and my friend Vishnu argue about the 1997 "dream" budget) and Mrs Radhika - a very special computer teacher. To the rest of my friends, who are no less special; in particular - Chandrika, Sapta, Sivaprakash, Girish, Ram, Rajeev,Sandeep (Dude I still miss those classic late night sms slugfests), Koushik, Kishalay, Rajib, Shadab,Cavon, Naveen, Anandh - do know I have at no point forgotten you guys. Probably I could make it up in a future blog. Thanks guys - Its been one helluva rollercoaster ride.

As far as the conception of this blog - When we had joined Ashok Leyland as trainees, Mr Balan quickly gave us forums for expression - with GD's, stress interviews, debates etc. he really did manage to bring out the best in us. After we joined our departments a year later, we found that all this vanished and we were sunk in our work. There was literally no time to think. Many of us missed these debates and conversations. At that time some of us got together and talked of getting out a blog where we could say and talk as we please. It would be like the old days. We decided to stick to a few people who we knew and were comfortable with. Sapta, Diwakar and myself decided to come out with a blog. At that time remembered two of my college friends - Sreenath and Chandrika who would have enjoyed such a forum - and out of this, this particular blog was born. These writings give each of us a cathartic effect and we have enjoyed writing each and every one of the blogs.

Heres to blogging and everyone that made it happen................Cheers........

- Hari

The Lord of the Rings

Am currently reading The Lord of The Rings – Part 1 – This is the second time I ve started ploddingm y way through it. I already did start the book when I was in my final year… Somehow I couldn’t complete it and so I have to start all over again. I am most impressed by JRRT’s imagination…just think – How a(maz)ing to think up a whole history – LOVELY!!
Ok – am busy- gotta get back to reading

- Chandrika

The Messaging Habit:

Really – This is something I find impossible to explain.. Whats so great abt sittin and typing hundreds of letters on a keypad that’s soooooo small its not even comfortable!!!!
The reason I am pickin up this topic s cos I have a couple of friends who are so caught up with this that they go to the extent of neglecting ppl who are talkin face to face to them!!
Just think – u and the person whom u r messaging are such stingy buggers that u guys cant even call each other up and instead trade ure comfort for a few measly bucks!! And just think – almost always when its important or urgetn we call up a person – so this automatocally means that the stuff u share over messages is not all that vital!!!! So y even bother?!!!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

F1 - Malaysia, Oz and more

The Malaysian race was by no means the corker of the race Bahrain was, but we do know the relative performances of the teams better.
What a start by Alonso!! To get in front of 2 McLarens, that too on his fuel load was amazing. Another mediocre drive by JPM. Same old story for Kimi who is 12 points down. The drive of the day was Massa. To beat Schumi is always something special, to do so from startimg dead last. WOW!! Renault seem to have ominous reliability in the first few races. It was amusing to see so many engine changes that the FIA had no idea whom to put where.
So the GPMA gave in. Damp squib of the year. Thats one for me.
We are 4 days away from the Australian GP. Thats always been one of my favourites and there should be excellent action this year. The Renaults and McLarens have new engines, while the Ferraris are on old ones. This could work against the Italian team, though marginally. I expect the McLarens to be strong here and if Kimi finishes, he should finish strongly.
There was an intersting story on the fuel credits. Now, the rules say teams may use their fuel credits not must. So we saw the Renault of Alonso burn off quite a lot of fuel and with the fuel credits available they had a large number of options. Excellent thinking by Renault. Toyota on the other hand were in the peculiar position of having a driver in the top ten, without him actually putting in any laps. The Toyota team chose a fuel limit of 65 kg (I think), and when the credits were published EVERYONE knew when they were stopping. The team could have just given a limit of 90 kg (Max) and then they would have had a plethora of options to choose from with no one the wiser. Big bucks ain't enough Mikey.
Finally, an Engine freeze for 3 years. GET RID OF MAD MAX. This is F1 buddy - the pinnacle of motorsport not GP2 or some minor league. What the hell are you thinking?? And with such a freeze, teams with an advantage at the start of the first year would have an undue advantage the next. What an idiot.
(P.S So Stodart's signed for 2008. Welcome back Stoddy. F1 isn't the same without you.)

- Hari

O Tempora!! O Mores!!

In the last couple of days we have managed to effectively nullify all the progress made by previous governments.
First came the 49.5% quota for IIT's and IIM's. These are the ONLY institutes in India that have some sort of standing worldwide, and to fill it up with pestilinial crap is nothing short of shocking. I have been told a number of times that immigrating/studying abroad is an act of cowardice, and if I have laughed at those statements in the past, my point that you can expect nothing more with a government that is trying to push out meritorious candidates is all the more of concern today. I have seen people with 10-15 arrears in my college get a scholarship becoz they were "SC/ST". This is a ridiculous scene that cannot occur anywhere else. It is all right to say that the really meritorious would get through anyhow, but there is simply no point whatsoever in breaking your back for these exams and then share space with these 2nd raters when you can walk into an institute of international repute much more easily. When you apply to universities abroad, they go overboard trying to recruit students and offer them bursaries / part waivers. Granted, these are not much, but they do make you feel wanted.
More on reservations. The government is pushing hard for reservations in the private sector. This would be the last straw. There is absolutely no place for reservations, that too in the 21st century. This would have a major negative impact in MNC's trying to set up base in India. Shocking and disgusting.
Finally for the first time one state is legally binding another state to an international treaty that it had thrown out. Im talking CTBT over here. I had said this in 2004 and I say it again. This country will get nowhere with the Congress in power. The oxonian and the eyetie have sold out to the redneck boor. What makes it so disgusting is that we have sold out for a bunch of obsolete reactors that work on ancient technology and firang fuels. What the hell was the sardar thinking? And, the worst part is the Pakis would not be under this umbrella. Where does that leave us now??
Quo Vadis, India??

- Hari

The Road to Wrestlemania

Its that time of the year and we are just 4 days away from Pro Wrestling's Superbowl - Wrestlemania 22, from Chicago. Before penning my thoughts on this year's card, here's a look at the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2006.
  • Bret "Hitman" Hart - inducted by Stone Cold Steve Austin. The WWE have shown a touch of class on this one. Bret really deserved to be remembered for his sensational career and not just 1997. It was Bret who paved the way for "smaller" wrestlers to shine in the WWE and his induction really lends the hall of fame credibility. SCSA inducting Bret was a fantastic call, as the WM X3 match was probably the best ever booked in WWE history. It can be argued that the double turn at the end sparked off the Attitude era and WWE ultimately buying out the WCW. As a long time WWE fan will feel overjoyed when Bret gets his well deserved dues.
  • Other inductees: Eddie Guerrero, Sensational Sherri Martel, Mean Gene Okerlund, Verne Gagne, The Blackjacks, Tony Atlas and William Perry (Celebrity Section)


  • Torrie Wilson Vs. Candice Michelle (Pillow match) : Uh....Excuse me but does anyone really care about that one? Anyhow Vince has to get the usual quota of scantily dressed women for every PPV. Prediction : Who Cares. I could toss a coin and...........OK. Candice.
  • Boogeyman Vs. Booker T and Sharmell. While I dont see this beeing a great match, Booker should be able to carry Boogey to a decent match. Expect a lot of spots and worms. Prediction : Boogeyman, yawn........
  • Trish Stratus (C) Vs. Mickie James : Probably the best booked match on the card. The WWE actually have me rooting for a Women's match. Way to go!! Love the lesbian - psycho angle. I expect this to be one of the title changes of the day leading to a prolonged feud. The match should be excellent too. Prediction : Mickie James
  • Kane/Big Show (C) Vs. Carlito/Chris Masters : This is one a lot of people have been cribbing about. I think the match is going to be a pretty good one. Probably the short booking and the teaming suggests a Carlito face turn. Prediction : Kane/Big Show and Carlito doing a face turn
  • Chris Benoit (C) Vs. JBL : This should be a good one if Chris and JBL get it going. A tough one to predict. I think the WWE would let Chris retain, and JBL win. Prediction : JBL by DQ.
  • Edge Vs. Mick Foley : I'm going out on a limb here. Foley doesn't really have a WM moment and Edge doesn't really need the win. A loss to Foley would not mean so much and there could even be a rematch at a later PPV where Edge could get the win. Do expect a lot of blood spilling whatever the outcome. Prediction : Mick Foley
  • Money In the bank ladder match: This simply does not have the class the last one had. Really, what the hell is Finley / Hardy / Flair even doing over here? If the WWE had some sense Carlito, Masters, Orton would be in the match. However that is neither here nor there. Probably the WWE want Carlito to turn face and are pushing for flair Vs. H. Prediction : Ric Flair.
  • Mr. McMahon Vs. HBK : What the hell is Vince doing booking himself vs. HBK at WM? The booking for this one has been disgusting and perverted. And with the sharpshooter at SNME, it will really be a let down if Bret no shows on Sunday. However, I simply do not see a future HOFer lose to a non wrestler at the biggest stage of them all. But with Vince's ego who knows. Prediction : HBK
  • Undertaker Vs. Mark Henry. 14-0. Period. If the WWE jobs Taker to this putrid piece of crap, I for one will stop watching WWE. Just hope the tub of lard does not injure Taker. Prediction : Undertaker.
  • Kurt Angle (C) Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Randy Orton. : This should be a brilliant match. With enough spots and technical wrestling it should be great. Add to it the crowd behind Rey and Eddie. Wow!! Prediction : Rey Mysterio, even if it is for one night.
  • Triple H Vs. John Cena (C) : The toughest one to call. I really do not know why this was booked. Cena simply does not draw. Neither does H. I guess this will go down the wire and the decision made at the last minute. If the crowd soundly boo Cena, expect a title change. However feel that probably Cena is going to retain for a short period. Prediction : John Cena

Moving on, I also feel that there would probably be an addition to the card with MNM defending and retaining against Mexicools. And probably a Cruiserweight championship match.

As far as the quality of the WM, think this is an uninspired 'Mania with a few good ones but nothing really that has me really marking for. Of course, we would only know on Sunday. Will be back to analyse how my predictions have worked out.

- Hari

Friday, March 17, 2006


my frnd hari thinks "the educated indian youth" constitutes 50% of the population.That is why he thinks the congress govt. is so is not the case as we all know.please base your arguements on different grounds.
the BJP govt failed b'cos it failed to address the "uneducated minorities",it's policies were brilliant to a wall's street analyst but not to ram narayan of UP.that is why it failed.
politics is all about the number is quantitative not think frm the country's angle not ur angle or the 5% of the educated youth we represent

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The last couple of days had seen a lot of thought speech and writings on India and the youth in general. These are random thoughts which I have attempted to write in a coherant fashion.
First, the ending of RDB does show the youth say enough is enough and talk of change. Enough of movies though. While movies do serve as a mirror of society sometimes, the bottom line is that they are fiction.
As far as a personal stimulus being needed before the youth go into action, SO WHAT? Ajay was killed and the kids decide to mess with the politicians. BIG DEAL. GANDHI WAS KICKED OUT OF A TRAIN, HITLER OUT OF AN ART SCHOOL and see the aftermath. Human beings do need something like personal trauma to get out of their ruts.
What I do gripe about is that while everyone manages to ape a John Abraham hairstyle, the Rajnikant "Style", the Vijay way of smoking, why do we not look at the Nala Sivams, Udayamoorthy's, DJ's and Michaels? I think the bottom line is that the psyche of the Indian youth is too shallow, too mediocre to think on any other plane.
Unless there is some kind of upheaval of the system, cannot see this country survive. In 59 years of independence, we have seen almost 50 years of congress rule, and the kind of mediocrity that comes with it. My friend and fellow blogger Sapta says we are a servile nation. WHAT THE F*CK DID YOU EXPECT? For Christ's sake we literally had our f'n freedom handed to us on a platter. If you take the Americans, they had to shed blood to get independence. They appreciate its value. We got our freedom right out of a begging bowl. In fact I credit Clement Atlee more than the half naked fakir for our independence. This is a nation of beggers and servility is our mainstay. Period. Freedom that was not earned cannot be appreciated.
It is amazing to see a country which has been destroyed by so few. M K Gandhi, Ambekar, J Nehru, Indira Gandhi., Rajiv, V P Singh. And if these people have caused our downfall, who is responsible? WE. WE listened to a half naked moron tell us to behave like Christ. WE took lathi charges silently instead of mobbing the bastards. WE voted in Mr Nehru as long as he was alive. WE let a casteist sod like Ambedkar write the constitution. WE called Indira "Durga". WE voted her back in 1980. WE were outraged when a Muslim woman demanded her rights after being divorced by her pig of a husband and was left with her dowry of a couple of rupees. WE caused the Shah Bano Infamy and WE demanded the Mandal Comission. And after 5 glorious years of Governence WE voted out the best damn govt. we ever had. (Not perfect, just best ever. In fact that is a glowing indictment of the other govts we have had so far.). If you complain of corruption WE are responsible for WE encourage it.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
It is the youth and the youth only who can make a difference. Today we face a situation where 69% of college seats are "reserved". Leaving us with a situation where 69% of college goers are f'n wastrels. We face a situation where there would be reservations in the private sector. In TN we have a fascist govt that has put the pontiff of the hindu religion behind bars. A govt. that constantly poking its nose into realms not of its concern - liquor sale, television, newspapers, colleges.It is bloody goonda's and rowdies who run this country. For eg, just today got a call from one of my "friends" telling me I had insulted "his area" guys and had to watch my step or else......Wow!! F U. It is reprehensible that these sorts of creatures who should be locked up in jail/zoo's are loitering and swaggering on the streets. It is incomprehensible that decent humans have to kowtow to these wretched pieces of crap.Nallavanukku kadaikara mariyadha ellam kettavanukku kadaikumodhu rathum kodhikuthu. Indha mari allungellam uyiroda vechikardhila enna labam? Something has to happen and happen fast before this country is sunk in the quagmire. There has to be change. STOP TELLING YOURSELF THAT SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT OR SOMEONE ELSE WOULD CHANGE THE SYSTEM. THERE IS NO SOMEONE ELSE. For a start, get out and vote, and make sure your vote counts. Question. The next time a policeman stops you on the road when you are driving ask why. Question. See. React. Get involved.
For koi desh be perfect nahin hai, perfect ban na padega.

- Hari

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


"rang de basanti" is essentially a case-studt for students of social-science.It is authentic,to the limit of sacrificing it's commercial value.So,I do not agree to Hari's point of view that India's janta has an IQ of a retarded monkey,it is a huge block-buster.
"rang debasanti",vividly portrays the overall mentallity or the psyche of the educated indian youth.It says that the youth is satisfied within it's own domain,unless incited by personal grievance to revolt against lawlessness and corruption.It gives a fantastic view of what the future social system should be.But does rang de basanti actually revolt?No...............The movie actually wraps up saying that the feelings of the youth are a mere aberration in the general conscience,and it will eventually blendwith the common feeling.
Let's go back to history.If it were not for the british and the moghul invasions,India would have been, till date, been the most richest country in the world,both intellectually and economically.We along with the chinese ,romans an the egyptians had progressed a long way through intellectual evolution, when the rest of europe,america and africa were dominated by savages.It was our innate submissive nature that the invaders capitalized on.
If we do not fore-go this nature,we can be dominated agin.This nature is particularly prevalent in south-india,which has been largely untouched by foreign invasion.As a result,the society has retained a lot of ancient values and a lot of indegenious intelligence.The rest of India's society is a racial bhel-puri,synonymous to the american society.
I think the social metamorphosis can be spear-headed by south-indians,with a sprinkling of north-indian attitude,to bring about an intellectually coherent and an INDIA.

- Sapta

PS:with help of two pegs of whisky

Sunday, March 12, 2006


How many of us cry while watching a movie? My friend, cries almost for all the movies irrespective of its type. Is this a sign of emotional weakness or getting engrossed in the movie? Either the cause, I really pity the people who cry for the sake of the onscreen characters.

A small drop of tear can do wonders. By using those for the fictional characters, one makes it worthless. Will these people cry for some disaster that took the lives of many..... If so does it deserve the same worthless tears which would have otherwise rolled out for a movie....

I wanted to write this stuff in a hilarious way but something took me in a serioius route.


F1 : Bahrain - Race Review

Alonso defends his title in the best way possible - winning the opener of what promises to be a corker of a season. The race started with Schumi leading and Alonso hedging Massa. Rubino quickly disposed of Button and by the first lap it was Schumi leading Alonso, Massa and Montoya in that order. Kimi, starting from dead last was upto 13th by the end of the first lap. By lap 5 Schumi was clearly setting the pace setting fast lap after fast lap. Alsonso responded after lap 10 and it was obvious that the race belonged to the duo. Schumi pitted on lap 14 and Alonso 4 laps later. JPM pitted on lap 25th relinquishing 3rd to Kimi, who was on a one stopper. Pitting on lap 30, Kimi rejoined in 6th. On lap 39 Alonso pitted and after a fantastic stop, rejoined alongside Schumi. However it was Fernando who had the inside line and managed to join P1. After the end of the second round of pit stops, it was Alonso leading Schumi and Kimi. The rest of the race was all about Alonso vs Schumi and Kimi Vs Button. The result had Alonso - Schumi - Kimi 1-2-3; a fitting tribute to the 3 best drivers of today.

Comments :
  • Why is it that JPM starts 17 places in front of Kimi and finish 2 places behind? Forget Senna/Prost; this combination couldnt be as boring as Schumi/Irvine if JPM drives like this. (Anybody hear the word No 2 Driver........?). Furthermore, this does not augur well for the constructors.
  • With Malaysia being hot and humid can the Merc engines hold on for another weekend? Especially Kimis?
  • Yet another race ruined for McLaren due to manufacturing errors. What should have been a cut and clear race win reduced to a podium. How long can this go on? Surely a company like McMerc can build an engine that lasts around 150 laps?
  • As usual, is still tough to judge the fastest cars. The Honda win everyone predicted seems to be a tad bit farther away. Renault seem to have the edge. Ferrari - McLaren - Honda - too tough to call.
  • So Ron doesnt need Kimi? Wow!! What a way to start the year. Im sure the flying finn would be delighted.
  • Rosberg - What a debut.
  • STR in front of Toyota - the war drums would be out by now.

Quick Results -

Drivers Championship :

  1. Fernando Alonso - 10
  2. Michael Schumacher - 8
  3. Kimi Raikkonen - 6
  4. Jenson Button - 5
  5. Juan Pablo Montoya - 4
  6. Mark Webber - 3
  7. Nico Rosberg - 2
  8. Christian Klein - 1

Constructors :

  1. Renault - 10
  2. McLaren - 10
  3. Ferrari - 8
  4. Honda - 5
  5. Williams - 5
  6. Red Bull - 1

Drive of the day : Kimi Raikkonen

- Hari

The Beach

There are numerous places to "hang out", chill etc. but nothing as satisfying as simply sitting on the beach till the early hours of the day with close friends and a chill bottle of beer. Had been to the beach this week with my friend and after a fantastic evening (We reluctantly had to leave by 1o:30, as it was a weekday and irate moms kept calling), we decided unanimously that we HAD to keep Saturday nite free for this. Bliss. Sheer Bliss.

- Hari

A great weekend.........

Wow!! What a satisfying weekend. After a run of mediocre movies, had a fantastic weekend this time around. T0 start off, was Pride and prejudice. A great show, with the dynamics between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth being portrayed beautifully. fantastic camerawork to boot.
If P&P was the appetizer, Crash was the excellent main course. A movie about intertwined relationships and reactions, based on stereotypical characters that make for one of the best contemporary movies I have seen. After years, a movie that actually gave meaning and credibility to the oscars. The movie starts with a crash, literally. It takes us through the eyes of a rascist white cop and a tolerant one, a submissive black studio writer and his wife, two black robbers, a mexican store owner, a hispanic lock repairer, a white DA and his bigot of a wife. The reactions of these people to common situations have been portrayed so realistically. The movie takes you through a gamut of emotions - laughter, sorrow, raw anger.......When the cop asks the black couple to put their hands up and searches the lady all can see tears of rage in their eyes.........Was literally crying with rage during that scene. The first half ends with an accident and the same cop going over to rescue a find it was the same he molested......The cry of the woman...."Oh! Not you" shakes you. The cops behaviour this time around is examplary (P.S On a side note, why is it that we reserve our best for a crisis?) The first and second half are thesis and anti-thesis. One of the scenes where the black robber tries to rob the car of the script writer and both are held up by the police......good cop this time is FANTASTIC. And when the segment ends with the writer telling the robber that he disgraces the entire black community.......WOW!! If you havent seen this......get out and head to the theatre. This is one of those rare jewels......a must watch. (On another side note, irrelevant to the main theme, the robbers having a go on dumb rednecks had me applauding......Hope George W gets to see it.)
Desert was a play called Rural Phantasy (Kalki novel), enacted by Madras Players. Madras Players are one of Chennai's oldest troupes and for the first time, they have staged a musical, which was a fantastic first attempt. The script was English and the music Tamil / Hindi. More than the story itself, it was the music and choreo that was haunting. Got to hear Vijayi Vishwathi.....after a gap of almost 6 years. Can remember sitting in school on republic / independence days, gossiping in the back row and letting out a collective groan when this was played. To hear this god.........took me painfully back to school, as did Rara Venu, which I remember was performed at one of my annual days. Hated Carnatic music then (Still do), but these were someting else. And of course, Ragupathi Raghav and Vande Mataram had to be played. Remember as a kid, used to wait for the AIR to play these songs. Memories....Memories!!
Spent the ride back home chatting with my friend Diwakar, both of us reminiscing about our school days........A glorious end to a glorrious Sunday.

- Hari

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

F1 - Season Preview

At last the wait is over, and the 2006 season will be officially underway tomorrow. There has never been a more anticipated season, with Fernando Alonso putting the 1 on his car, after 5 Schumacher seasons. For the first time in over a decade, the V8's are set to return. Michlelin are leaving F1 after this season, and with 6 commited manufacturers, we are hopefully looking at the closest season in years.

Renault - After winning the double crown last year, Renault seem to have built a reliable and fast car, over the winter. If testing times are an indicator, Renault have an early edge, and if they manage to win the first few races, it could be Renault all the way for the championship. However, with Alonso leaving for McLaren, it remains to be seen whom the team would favour this year.

McLaren - Quick and unreliable. No team has made the quantum of improvement they have over the winter. On the other hand, it remains to be seen if the engines could last 2 race weekends. With McLaren not taking the option on either driver, the driver market seems to be wide open. Expect to see a few flying steering wheels this year, and the flying finn at ferrari next year. If only they could get the reliability right NOTHING can stop Kimi for WDC 2006 and Macca for the constructors. On the corporate side, McLaren seem to be going great guns having landed long term deals with Vodafone, Johnnie Walker, Hilton Hotels and Emirates Air.

- How the mighty have fallen!! After being unbeatable for 5 long years, Ferrari slip to third this year. After Rory Bryne in charge for so long, is it mere coincidence that the first Aldo Costa car is a dog? This is a make or break year, for Schumi as well as the design team. Also expect Ferrari to do much better now that tyre changes are allowed. Winter testing suggests they are marginally behind renault and Honda, but with Schumacher at the helm, marginally behind is all he would need. Also expect a lot of questions on Schumi's retirement, Rossi and Kimi

Toyota - After a magnificent season last year, can Toyota have a repeat performance. Testing results suggest not. And with a weak driver line up, expect to see Toyota slip down the ratings this year. Though I wouldn't bet against some Trulli magic at Monaco

Williams - Nobody, and I mean nobody knows more about V8's than Cosworth. It is amazing, the job they have done on a restricted budget. Though their driver line up is a bit shaky, expect to see them ahead of BMW.

Honda - With arguably the best driver line up they have had, reliable engines and a good chassis, I expect to see Jense break his duck. Championship contendors? not really.

Red Bull - Can they maintain their success this year? No. Even with Adrian on board, I would wait another couple of years to see them succeed. And the lack of a works engine would obviously not help. Winter testing suggests this is a car that simply doesnt have it.

BMW Sauber - Expect them to drive for points and an occasional podium. Jacques is WAY beyond his sell by date. Do not see them in front of Williams.

Midland F1 - Making up the backmarkers, expect to see them mixing it up with Super Augri.

Scuderia Torro Rosso - There is ONLY one Scuderia, and that is Ferrari. Period. Could the Cosworth V10's help? Yes. Score points? No.

Super Augri - Damn. So we have to see Taku once again. What bet he crashes before the pitlane exit? Well, who ever said F1 was boring? Expect to see atleast one irate championship contender bang him on his helmet a la Schumi. (Just imagine Taku taking out Kimi while he is in the lead?? Wow!! The ice would melt pretty quickly!!)

Quick Predictions for 2006 -

WDC 2006 - Fernando Alonso
Constructors championship - McLaren
Most improved performance - Honda
Disappointment of the year - Toyota
Engine of the year - Mercedes (Jus' kiddin')
Most asked question - Is Schumi retiring?
Most ocurring incident - Merc engine blowing up, Kimi blowing up thereafter.
Damp squib of the year - GPMA
Yawn of the year - Qualifying

With that its all set for Formula One World Championship 2006.
Get your engines revved............

- Hari


Bret and Steve

So Steve Austin is to induct Bret Hart into the hall of fame, in Chicago. This was a class call by the WWE as it was at WM 13 at Chicago that that classic I Quit match took place between them. It was the feud with Bret and the match in particular that put Steve in the limelight and I am glad the WWE made this decision. The one thing I am upset, indeed angry about this year, is that Eddie is being honoured, within one year of his unfortunate demise while Owen is not. No disrespect to Eddie, but Owen had dedicated his entire life to the WWE and died in the ring. Eddie no doubt had a great run from 2002, but Owen had a decade of class performances in the ring. Hope WWE does honour this true hall of famer.

- Hari

Good Cop!!

So finally the Vettiyadu Velaiyadu CD's were released. Had caught a peek of the release function on Sunday, and was thoroughly impressed. Of the 5 songs, was bowled over by the Karka Karka number where the rap blends in beautifully. Rap in a cop movie!! What next? The beats in the number Paartha Mudhal was excellent, and the song Neruppe was good too. Must say I was disappointed that Kamal didnt sing a number. On the whole the Gautam - Harris combination has done it once again. What needs to be seen is how the songs blend within the movie.

- Hari

D**med universities

What a week for deemed universities. Starting with the AICTE asking the universities to get accreditation for their courses, rumors flew that the universities could only award BSc and not BE degrees. By this time, word had also got around that HCL had asked Sathyabama graduates to resign due to this. Violence erupted at SRM campus with students going on a rampage. Following this, SRM students entered Sathyabama University the next day, and a repeat performance ensued. As an ex student reacted with glee to find that the directors room had been ransacked and the "Squad" members systematically beaten up. Yet to get the status on the Mercedes cars on campus, but would be overjoyed if at least one got "dented" in the ruckus. The news was all the more sweeter when we heard that one particulary nasty piece of work, Sundar (who we had suspected of being a paedophile) had his hand AND leg broken. Universities like this should not be allowed to play around with students career's and in that aspect sathyabama is the worst. By trying to supress students behaviour and taking no responsibility whatsoever, what happened was a natural catharsis. The present directors (one of whom is JPR's daughter and the other who happened to be there because he knocked her up in college) are uncultered boors. Cavemen who would be better of in some political party rather in academic strata. The SFI stand on deemed university derognition should have come about long back. You cannot allow these second rate university to stuff classrooms with herds of second rate students, who are only there becoz their parents had a ton of cash. It is high time that we ensure universities of international repute. Quality education cannot be limited to the IIT's. And to do that we need to not only abolish these deemed universities, but get rid of their management - political goondas in academicians robes. Get rid of these morons and fill up the vacancies with EDUCATED men. And the next thing would be to abolish ALL current entry examinations, procedures and pass a bill for 100% reservation - reservation for the meritorious. This is the only way we could ever hope to retain the deserving than drive them out to other countries.

- Hari

Friday, March 03, 2006


Recently saw the old Japanese movie RASHOMON. I am astonished to see such a novel idea behind the movie that too in 1958 - the primitive age of Japanese cinema.

The one line story of the movie is that four people recount different version of the story of a man’s murder and the rape of his wife. The first appreciable thing is that the conventional practices are not followed. For instance, the unreal part of the story usually will not be enacted by the actors on screen but may be stated as a narration by any character and finally the truth triumphs. It is amazing that this convention is broken. Though I can’t stop myself from appreciating this but I also feel that it would have befuddled some of the viewers. The next appreciable thing is that, on hearing the storyline, whatever conjecture the viewer thinks could be possible regarding the crime, was handled in the story. Wasnt that good enough to claim this one as a masterpiece?

This story reminds me of another film – “Lets Talk” by Boman Irani. This film handles a family problem in different perspectives. The story line goes like this......After few years of marriage; husband loses interest in his wife and behaves indifferently to her. This makes the lonely wife to have an affair with another guy. Now the wife unveils her affair to her husband. This is the situation handled in 7 or 8 different ways. Each view shows different emotions and reactions of the couple based on the circumstances. I am sure that everyone will react to this situation in any one of the stated views. This movie is a standing proof that with just two characters, wonders can be made on the screen.

In short, both the movies do have a similar crux, but handled in different ways. One handles the crime from other peoples' perspective while the other makes you to spot yourself among the stated characters. I enjoyed both.........................