Saturday, December 30, 2006

In Memorium


28/04/1937 - 30/12/2006
"God is great,
The Nation shall be victorious,
Palestine is Arab."

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Feminism.........Equality or Female Chauvinism

Disclaimer: This is a direct response to articles posted on the blogsite And most quotes are taken dierectly from various posts on the site. Further, I DO NOT hate women, neither do I wish to boil, butcher or in any way harm them. I also do not think that such extreme measures do ANYONE any good whatsoever. At the same time, while I believe in women's EQUALITY and am strongly against discrimination of any form (not just sexual), I recognize that there are fundamental differences between men and women that can never be bridged. I further believe that people who do not recognize these differences are delusional, irrational, warped and insane. (Author of above blog for instance)

As a sane but red blooded male I have always thought feminism referred to the struggle for women's RIGHT's or EQUALITY. And as any SANE human being would think, I do not think boiling blood and anger would help at all. My friend Diwakar, who is an ardent feminist pointed out this blog to me and I was shocked to see these extreme views. Equality is the inalienable right of EVERY HUMAN BEING. And equality does not mean boiling men. The author of the blog who thinks that a girl can only be a girlfriend or an enemy is DELUDED. In fact these militant madame's give womankind a bad name. If chauvinism of the male kind is to be abhorred, so is female chauvinism. What has started as a struggle for the right to vote has deteriorated into militant bullshit. The author of the blogsite forgets that without her FATHER'S semen she would not be here to lambast men today.

Unfortunately in struggles for equality, the opressed ften think, that they have the right to play victim and demand "rights" that violate the very spirit of equality. To suggest that 33.33% reservation in parliament for women in parliament would solve all problems is ludicruous and anti-constitutional. Unfortunate most feminists only want such sops to appease their offended feelings. The banner of feminism is being often taken up by women just to cause a furore as they know these female gladiators would be behind them, if only they are able to suggest a sense of wrongdoing. In a book called corporate draupadi, the authoress claims she was sexually harassed by her company (HMT, I think), as she was dismissed unfairly. Of course she forgets the fact that she was dismissed for playing about with the cash. She is also unsurprisingly silent on the sex card when she reveals that she was hired in spite of not having the qualifications for the job!! In another book, women in prisons, the authoress suggests that these bandits who have been punished by the law are heroines. When a man chops up his wife for infedility he should be hung, but when a women kills a drunken lout of her husband, she deserves a presidents meda. The most warped story relates to a girl married to a drunk. She admits that her mother in law is a gem of a lady (A liquor baroness but anyway.........) the hubby assaults the girl's parent's and our pudhumai penn (modern lady), kills her.........get this...........kills her MOTHER IN LAW. WOW!!. Obviously she languishes in jail, while ravaging feminists try to get her out (and wreck havoc with the chopper again, I guess.)

Even worse is the media in promoting the causes of these female saviours. Movies like Sweth (White Rainbow) depicts India in such a way that one would think every widow in India is being tortured, tormented and sexually harassed by the men in the country. Blarney. Such irresponsible depictions only promote these unworthy causes. Yes, widows are being opressed but rather than make such shock-value movies that the psuedo intellectual would weep over, and go home happy that he saw a "meaningful movie", surely a better thing to do would be to silently help such causes wherever they are found. It is disgusting to see such movies depicting scenes like this as if they are reality. And even when real, to depict them as if they are the norm and not the exception.

But back to the topic of female chauvinism, isn't it ridiculous that chauvinism be fought with more intolerance and chauvinism. And it is not as if these females can say they are the voice of womankind. In an orkut community on feminism, when the authoress of the above blog spewed her venom, it was interesting to say that quite a few women felt her ideas were out of line. When one lady went so far as to say she thought her father was a decent man, our fire breathing athoress quickly rebuked her for these "Anti woman sentiments". A number of women do want to simply settle down and marry a man. There is nothing wrong with this. They have the RIGHT to do so. Such perverted feminists have no business coming down on these people, and saying they are traitors. In fact that is a line ecen a chauvinist would not take.

And of course where would an article on feminism be without the sex part? If these gladiators think that every man is lusting behind her, she is sadly mistaken. On the other hand to say that casual flirting is eve teasing and ask that the man be boiled is dumb, and quite frankly nothing to do with feminism (More to do with homosexual tendencies). From time immmemorial, men and women have been mating. Men do try to "make out" with women and vice versa. In fact the pattern of males and females getting together is, I believe, the norm for every species in the world that is not a hermophrodite. For those who think that it is wrong for a man to try to impress a girl or vice versa I strongly suggest a few sessions with a shrink, followed by some serious introspection as to your sexual preferences.

In short, feminism is NOT Female Chauvinism. Equality for one is NOT the supression of rights for another. And boiling the male or female species does no one no good.

- Hari