Sunday, May 28, 2006


Guide meets blind girl. falls in love. Girl gets back eyesight. Bomb blast. Guide dies. Guide lives. Guide is a azad kashmir terrorist. Guide / terrorist kills our army men. Is injured. Crawls to house. Girl there. He knows her. She does not. He has a son. Girl finally recognizes him. Marries him. Realises he is a terrorist. Shoots him. Places flowers on his grave. Says she loves him.
If you have not yet seen this -do not.

- Hari

Survival of the Fittest - Pudhupettai

The by line for the movie says it all - Survival of the Fittest. After a mediocre year to date, we finally have a tamil movie to talk of - Selvaraghavan's Pudhupettai. The movie starts with " Kokki " Kumar (Danush) introducing himself in jail and starts with his schooldays. Living in the slums of Pudhupettai, Danush comes home after a movie only to find his mother brutally murdered by his dad. Danush's histrionics and shell shocked expressions are excellent. Danush is scared stiff and runs away. He then becomes a beggar, when he is arrested for selling dope, along with a gang. Only when the gang is released do the leaders realise that danush is not one of their men. Danush pleads for a job and joins the gang. From then it becomes a story of how a henchman rises in the ranks and slowly becomes the undisputed leader. The movie also explores the nexus between politicians and these gangsters and depicts the tightrope the gangsters walk. It is a look, not only into a gangsters life but also his mind. The ending, if not a " socially responsible " one, was most definitely a realistic one. Some of the scenes that stand out include Danush and Sneha ( a prostitute), with their backs turned to each other plying their respective trades.The scene where ravi teaches Kumar to kill and tells him that he will give him a good report is excellent, as is the scene where Sonia has a knife in her hand and her entire hand is trembling. The scene after danush's first night when he talks of bed coffee and the " smell of a woman " is poigant and touching. Another scene that gets into the mind of a gangster is when Danush wants to contest Egmore and talks of security for himself and his family. The scene in the climax when his hench man asks him if he is scared, and when he leaves his baby in the dustbin are not easily forgettable. With excellent BGM by Yuvan, sublime cinematography, and impeccable direction this movie is a must see for all cinema lovers.

- hari

A Daniel Come to Judgement

For all those who saw F1 qualifying yesterday, it was a disgusting spectacle of a 7 time champion trying to gain an unfair advantage by simply parking his car at Rascasse (Turn 18). Turn 18 is one of the slowest corners in F1 and even a rookie should have got that right. To claim that schumi made a driver error THERE - come on, we weren't born yesterday. For once, the stewards acted quickly and threw the book at the former champion. This is not the first time this sort of incident is happening (Read : Macau 91, Adelaide 94, Jerez 97, Austria 2000, Austria 2002, only to name a few.) Keeping his history in mind, the stewards ought to have DQ'ed him from the race and slapped a race ban to boot. Anyhow, kudos to the stewards at Monaco for the quick judgement.

- Hari

Friday, May 19, 2006


There is a pretty popular sms going these days. Why does Arjun Singh have sex only 3 days a week? Because for three days, his wife is reserved for OBC's and on Sundays for SC/ST. The message ends by asking everyone to forward the message and fuck reservation.
Not only do these gutter bred mongrels have the audacity to talk of reservations in educational institutes, private sectors etc., they even acknowledge this as a political weapon. I had read an article by " Dr. " Udit Raj, Chairman All India SC / ST Association, that is on Rediff. To read the article click here.
This is an open letter to our beloved chairman and our equally beloved Minister of the HRD :

First, Mr Udit , you talk of merit - You talk of knowledge of English, cramming etc. What the fuck do you know of merit, you bloody bastard? How dare you talk of us as mere crammers pups? Do you have any idea of the CBSE syllabus? Do you now what it takes to get into the IIT? Merit? Don't you dare use that word you ignorant boot licker.
You say that not many inventions are from Indians in the OC. Do you know why, you ignorant SOB? Because by the time they have patents issued in their name, they are green card holders. Do you know why they are no longer in India? Because of fucking sods like you.
You calmly assert that politicians dare not do anything, even if they do not support reservations. You disgusting piece of excreta - you calmly talk of vote banks and politics. (Note. - This is a wake up call to all you OC's out there - WAKE UP. Until and unless WE start voting in right earnest, making ourselves an votebank that no one dare ignore, these curs would always get the better of us.)
Patriotic feelings, honesty, humble feelings, hard work. You arrogant twerp. Do you know what the fuck your " hard working " SC's and ST's were doing in my college - acting like bloody goonda, disturbing the peace and not allowing a single class to occur. Hard work? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, YOU BLOODY BEGGAR? Do you know what it is to study each and every day, having no recreation? Do you know what it feels like, when for two bloody years, getting 2 hours of sleep a day was a LUXURY? What do you know, you who have had every thing handed to you in a begging bowl?
Do you know what your candidates are doing after 4 years of their studies? Do you know how many of them are dropouts? Do you know how long it takes for your candidates to complete a 4 year course?
Why is it Mr Arjun Singh is it that when you or your family members are ill, they fly to the US and not to one of " your " doctors? Why is it that your sons and daughters have grand american degrees? Aren't these colleges good enough for you?
A final word Mr Udit - You say we need to part with the pie of cake we have - Understand that your tactics will not work for ever - there will come a time when you and your brethren will be squashed forever.
P.S - Remember there is no disgrace in cleaning latrines - if that is your aptitude - there is no use in trying to rise above your capability.
P.P.S - Remember the blacks in USA who were treated worse than you. First they matched the performance of the whites, then raised the bar and then they spoke of discrimination. They did not ask for seats for each and everyone in the ghetto - only those whose performance was par excellence. Get your people to match ours - and then we shall proudly talk of an intergrated society.
Till then, FUCK YOU.

- Hari

Note : - There is a pretty funny article on reservations. To read it check this link.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Sun Rises in TN?

So finally the exit polls are out. The mood in TN seems to have changed drastically over the last 4 weeks with the anti incumbency factor taking a concrete shape. In the CNN - IBN exit polls 54% do not want " amma " back, 41% prefer MK as CM to 35% who prefer Jaya. DMK captures 45 % of the vote share, ADMK 35% and DMDK 10%. The final equation seems to be DMK+ 157-167 seets and ADMK 54-64. A healthy 65% turn out seems to favor the DMK too.
On a personal level am overjoyed that the autocratic ***** will not be returning. A few weeks back the results were simply too close to call with no clear idea as to who's vote share the DMDK would be cutting into. Also with quite a few people in Chennai talking about the Lok Paritantran, who, if they manage to get a couple of seats through would do so at the DMK's expense. The LP seems to have proven a damp squib as I expected. Having followed the exit polls for most of the elections, my prediction would probably be DMK with 110-120 seats, DPA with 200+ seats and the AIADMK with around 15-20.
Let us hope that May 11 would see this dictatorial reign coming to an end finally.

- Hari