Monday, May 08, 2006

The Sun Rises in TN?

So finally the exit polls are out. The mood in TN seems to have changed drastically over the last 4 weeks with the anti incumbency factor taking a concrete shape. In the CNN - IBN exit polls 54% do not want " amma " back, 41% prefer MK as CM to 35% who prefer Jaya. DMK captures 45 % of the vote share, ADMK 35% and DMDK 10%. The final equation seems to be DMK+ 157-167 seets and ADMK 54-64. A healthy 65% turn out seems to favor the DMK too.
On a personal level am overjoyed that the autocratic ***** will not be returning. A few weeks back the results were simply too close to call with no clear idea as to who's vote share the DMDK would be cutting into. Also with quite a few people in Chennai talking about the Lok Paritantran, who, if they manage to get a couple of seats through would do so at the DMK's expense. The LP seems to have proven a damp squib as I expected. Having followed the exit polls for most of the elections, my prediction would probably be DMK with 110-120 seats, DPA with 200+ seats and the AIADMK with around 15-20.
Let us hope that May 11 would see this dictatorial reign coming to an end finally.

- Hari


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