Sunday, April 23, 2006

Chingari-A Review

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching "Chingari" on cable T.V.I do not know why such a quality good film was ignored by the public.It should have been rated by the critics on-par with "rang de Basanti".
Though tje acting was not satisfactory,the substance was there.I condemn those who have seen this film just for the cheap flicks of prostitution.
The film is a very good reflection of old-time Orissa.The term "Panda" is a term used in Orissa for priests turned fortune tellers,who accost you as soon as you land in Bhuvaneshwar or Puri railway stations.The film gives a true overview of what these priests were like in the past(according to grand-mother stories).
I just loved the scene where Sushmita Condemns Bhuvan Panda inside 'Lal Bathi' and the scene where she learns about "Dak Babu's" death..The last scene was well portrayed,although an archetypical good vs evil scene..
I am really surprised that none of the members of this bog commented on this film.



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