Monday, March 26, 2007

The Mystery of the Lost dog

One day, there was a dog named Pal. He was thinking about going to exciting places like the zoo, museums, beaches and all sorts of things. His family was going to the beach. One day his family was going to the museum. They were seeing all sorts of things. He wanted to see lots of things but he couldn't see them. So climbed on one of the objects. The leash tore. At the end of the day, Arthur (the owner) realised that he lost his dog. He was searching everywhere but he couldn't find him. The museum closed and Pal was locked up in the museum. He was barking like crazy for Arthur to come and save him. Until someone found him, he was squealing and crying for Arthur to come back. So after a few months, Arthur went to the same museum again. He found Pal over there. He was so happy that he was crying. So he gave him lots of food because he was hungry in the museum. The next time, Arthur remembered to get a new leash so Pal would never get lost again; and they went all over the city.

- Sandhya Nagarajan (Age : 9)