Sunday, May 28, 2006

Survival of the Fittest - Pudhupettai

The by line for the movie says it all - Survival of the Fittest. After a mediocre year to date, we finally have a tamil movie to talk of - Selvaraghavan's Pudhupettai. The movie starts with " Kokki " Kumar (Danush) introducing himself in jail and starts with his schooldays. Living in the slums of Pudhupettai, Danush comes home after a movie only to find his mother brutally murdered by his dad. Danush's histrionics and shell shocked expressions are excellent. Danush is scared stiff and runs away. He then becomes a beggar, when he is arrested for selling dope, along with a gang. Only when the gang is released do the leaders realise that danush is not one of their men. Danush pleads for a job and joins the gang. From then it becomes a story of how a henchman rises in the ranks and slowly becomes the undisputed leader. The movie also explores the nexus between politicians and these gangsters and depicts the tightrope the gangsters walk. It is a look, not only into a gangsters life but also his mind. The ending, if not a " socially responsible " one, was most definitely a realistic one. Some of the scenes that stand out include Danush and Sneha ( a prostitute), with their backs turned to each other plying their respective trades.The scene where ravi teaches Kumar to kill and tells him that he will give him a good report is excellent, as is the scene where Sonia has a knife in her hand and her entire hand is trembling. The scene after danush's first night when he talks of bed coffee and the " smell of a woman " is poigant and touching. Another scene that gets into the mind of a gangster is when Danush wants to contest Egmore and talks of security for himself and his family. The scene in the climax when his hench man asks him if he is scared, and when he leaves his baby in the dustbin are not easily forgettable. With excellent BGM by Yuvan, sublime cinematography, and impeccable direction this movie is a must see for all cinema lovers.

- hari


Vijay Krishna said...

Yeah, there are so many good scenes, powerful ones, that it is difficult to pick one and call it the best. As you say, Pudhupettai is a cinema lover's treat!

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Kartik Kannan said...

good review da hari

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Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

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