Sunday, March 12, 2006

F1 : Bahrain - Race Review

Alonso defends his title in the best way possible - winning the opener of what promises to be a corker of a season. The race started with Schumi leading and Alonso hedging Massa. Rubino quickly disposed of Button and by the first lap it was Schumi leading Alonso, Massa and Montoya in that order. Kimi, starting from dead last was upto 13th by the end of the first lap. By lap 5 Schumi was clearly setting the pace setting fast lap after fast lap. Alsonso responded after lap 10 and it was obvious that the race belonged to the duo. Schumi pitted on lap 14 and Alonso 4 laps later. JPM pitted on lap 25th relinquishing 3rd to Kimi, who was on a one stopper. Pitting on lap 30, Kimi rejoined in 6th. On lap 39 Alonso pitted and after a fantastic stop, rejoined alongside Schumi. However it was Fernando who had the inside line and managed to join P1. After the end of the second round of pit stops, it was Alonso leading Schumi and Kimi. The rest of the race was all about Alonso vs Schumi and Kimi Vs Button. The result had Alonso - Schumi - Kimi 1-2-3; a fitting tribute to the 3 best drivers of today.

Comments :
  • Why is it that JPM starts 17 places in front of Kimi and finish 2 places behind? Forget Senna/Prost; this combination couldnt be as boring as Schumi/Irvine if JPM drives like this. (Anybody hear the word No 2 Driver........?). Furthermore, this does not augur well for the constructors.
  • With Malaysia being hot and humid can the Merc engines hold on for another weekend? Especially Kimis?
  • Yet another race ruined for McLaren due to manufacturing errors. What should have been a cut and clear race win reduced to a podium. How long can this go on? Surely a company like McMerc can build an engine that lasts around 150 laps?
  • As usual, is still tough to judge the fastest cars. The Honda win everyone predicted seems to be a tad bit farther away. Renault seem to have the edge. Ferrari - McLaren - Honda - too tough to call.
  • So Ron doesnt need Kimi? Wow!! What a way to start the year. Im sure the flying finn would be delighted.
  • Rosberg - What a debut.
  • STR in front of Toyota - the war drums would be out by now.

Quick Results -

Drivers Championship :

  1. Fernando Alonso - 10
  2. Michael Schumacher - 8
  3. Kimi Raikkonen - 6
  4. Jenson Button - 5
  5. Juan Pablo Montoya - 4
  6. Mark Webber - 3
  7. Nico Rosberg - 2
  8. Christian Klein - 1

Constructors :

  1. Renault - 10
  2. McLaren - 10
  3. Ferrari - 8
  4. Honda - 5
  5. Williams - 5
  6. Red Bull - 1

Drive of the day : Kimi Raikkonen

- Hari

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