Tuesday, March 28, 2006

F1 - Malaysia, Oz and more

The Malaysian race was by no means the corker of the race Bahrain was, but we do know the relative performances of the teams better.
What a start by Alonso!! To get in front of 2 McLarens, that too on his fuel load was amazing. Another mediocre drive by JPM. Same old story for Kimi who is 12 points down. The drive of the day was Massa. To beat Schumi is always something special, to do so from startimg dead last. WOW!! Renault seem to have ominous reliability in the first few races. It was amusing to see so many engine changes that the FIA had no idea whom to put where.
So the GPMA gave in. Damp squib of the year. Thats one for me.
We are 4 days away from the Australian GP. Thats always been one of my favourites and there should be excellent action this year. The Renaults and McLarens have new engines, while the Ferraris are on old ones. This could work against the Italian team, though marginally. I expect the McLarens to be strong here and if Kimi finishes, he should finish strongly.
There was an intersting story on the fuel credits. Now, the rules say teams may use their fuel credits not must. So we saw the Renault of Alonso burn off quite a lot of fuel and with the fuel credits available they had a large number of options. Excellent thinking by Renault. Toyota on the other hand were in the peculiar position of having a driver in the top ten, without him actually putting in any laps. The Toyota team chose a fuel limit of 65 kg (I think), and when the credits were published EVERYONE knew when they were stopping. The team could have just given a limit of 90 kg (Max) and then they would have had a plethora of options to choose from with no one the wiser. Big bucks ain't enough Mikey.
Finally, an Engine freeze for 3 years. GET RID OF MAD MAX. This is F1 buddy - the pinnacle of motorsport not GP2 or some minor league. What the hell are you thinking?? And with such a freeze, teams with an advantage at the start of the first year would have an undue advantage the next. What an idiot.
(P.S So Stodart's signed for 2008. Welcome back Stoddy. F1 isn't the same without you.)

- Hari

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