Tuesday, March 28, 2006

O Tempora!! O Mores!!

In the last couple of days we have managed to effectively nullify all the progress made by previous governments.
First came the 49.5% quota for IIT's and IIM's. These are the ONLY institutes in India that have some sort of standing worldwide, and to fill it up with pestilinial crap is nothing short of shocking. I have been told a number of times that immigrating/studying abroad is an act of cowardice, and if I have laughed at those statements in the past, my point that you can expect nothing more with a government that is trying to push out meritorious candidates is all the more of concern today. I have seen people with 10-15 arrears in my college get a scholarship becoz they were "SC/ST". This is a ridiculous scene that cannot occur anywhere else. It is all right to say that the really meritorious would get through anyhow, but there is simply no point whatsoever in breaking your back for these exams and then share space with these 2nd raters when you can walk into an institute of international repute much more easily. When you apply to universities abroad, they go overboard trying to recruit students and offer them bursaries / part waivers. Granted, these are not much, but they do make you feel wanted.
More on reservations. The government is pushing hard for reservations in the private sector. This would be the last straw. There is absolutely no place for reservations, that too in the 21st century. This would have a major negative impact in MNC's trying to set up base in India. Shocking and disgusting.
Finally for the first time one state is legally binding another state to an international treaty that it had thrown out. Im talking CTBT over here. I had said this in 2004 and I say it again. This country will get nowhere with the Congress in power. The oxonian and the eyetie have sold out to the redneck boor. What makes it so disgusting is that we have sold out for a bunch of obsolete reactors that work on ancient technology and firang fuels. What the hell was the sardar thinking? And, the worst part is the Pakis would not be under this umbrella. Where does that leave us now??
Quo Vadis, India??

- Hari


enigma said...

Very interesting Hari. I left India a very long, long time ago and have visited on and off. Was there recently and was blown away by the unbelievable work the forward class children have to do to get into a decent school, while the "reserved" classes can practically walk into any school of their choice! How can a country progress with such idiotic policies? What is even more scary is that these moronic "reserved" students get admission to medical schools--wouldn't trust them to treat a paper cut! I pity the youth of India. Btw, what are you doing now, are you still in India or have you decided to leave the coop--just curious!

Hari said...

Am still in India but planning to leave for UK this year