Tuesday, March 14, 2006


"rang de basanti" is essentially a case-studt for students of social-science.It is authentic,to the limit of sacrificing it's commercial value.So,I do not agree to Hari's point of view that India's janta has an IQ of a retarded monkey,it is a huge block-buster.
"rang debasanti",vividly portrays the overall mentallity or the psyche of the educated indian youth.It says that the youth is satisfied within it's own domain,unless incited by personal grievance to revolt against lawlessness and corruption.It gives a fantastic view of what the future social system should be.But does rang de basanti actually revolt?No...............The movie actually wraps up saying that the feelings of the youth are a mere aberration in the general conscience,and it will eventually blendwith the common feeling.
Let's go back to history.If it were not for the british and the moghul invasions,India would have been, till date, been the most richest country in the world,both intellectually and economically.We along with the chinese ,romans an the egyptians had progressed a long way through intellectual evolution, when the rest of europe,america and africa were dominated by savages.It was our innate submissive nature that the invaders capitalized on.
If we do not fore-go this nature,we can be dominated agin.This nature is particularly prevalent in south-india,which has been largely untouched by foreign invasion.As a result,the society has retained a lot of ancient values and a lot of indegenious intelligence.The rest of India's society is a racial bhel-puri,synonymous to the american society.
I think the social metamorphosis can be spear-headed by south-indians,with a sprinkling of north-indian attitude,to bring about an intellectually coherent and an INDIA.

- Sapta

PS:with help of two pegs of whisky

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chandri said...

This comment might be coming in really late, but I read the blog just now. And I havent read the one wehre Hari calls someone 'retarded monkeys' but if we're talking abt the junta that made 'Rang de' a huge hit, then maybe the term does fit - but only to an extent. I liked the film - only for the songs, the picturisation, the theme - but not the ending. Come on ppl, is this film supposed to encourage youngsters to correct the corrupt politicians ?? It rather discourages ppl - Its almost like as if the message is - 'If u mess with the corruption rampant in India you will die, along with all your friends who fought for it!!'.. Wat kind of an irresponsible message is this? Accepted that if the movie had had any other ending it wold have ended up as a copy of Ayitha Ezhuthu. But that doesnt mean every honest fighting soul should die?? Agreed that after their death the nation woke up but in a country like ours where everyday a new topic occupies our front page, how long are ppl supposed to remember 5 guys who died for the country?