Wednesday, March 08, 2006

D**med universities

What a week for deemed universities. Starting with the AICTE asking the universities to get accreditation for their courses, rumors flew that the universities could only award BSc and not BE degrees. By this time, word had also got around that HCL had asked Sathyabama graduates to resign due to this. Violence erupted at SRM campus with students going on a rampage. Following this, SRM students entered Sathyabama University the next day, and a repeat performance ensued. As an ex student reacted with glee to find that the directors room had been ransacked and the "Squad" members systematically beaten up. Yet to get the status on the Mercedes cars on campus, but would be overjoyed if at least one got "dented" in the ruckus. The news was all the more sweeter when we heard that one particulary nasty piece of work, Sundar (who we had suspected of being a paedophile) had his hand AND leg broken. Universities like this should not be allowed to play around with students career's and in that aspect sathyabama is the worst. By trying to supress students behaviour and taking no responsibility whatsoever, what happened was a natural catharsis. The present directors (one of whom is JPR's daughter and the other who happened to be there because he knocked her up in college) are uncultered boors. Cavemen who would be better of in some political party rather in academic strata. The SFI stand on deemed university derognition should have come about long back. You cannot allow these second rate university to stuff classrooms with herds of second rate students, who are only there becoz their parents had a ton of cash. It is high time that we ensure universities of international repute. Quality education cannot be limited to the IIT's. And to do that we need to not only abolish these deemed universities, but get rid of their management - political goondas in academicians robes. Get rid of these morons and fill up the vacancies with EDUCATED men. And the next thing would be to abolish ALL current entry examinations, procedures and pass a bill for 100% reservation - reservation for the meritorious. This is the only way we could ever hope to retain the deserving than drive them out to other countries.

- Hari


Falstaff2006 said...

It is not just univs that are ruled by goondas,most of the social organizations are.It is kalyug boss,accept it.The literates are a minority.The gun still rules,not the pen.
Practically tell me whether u wud sign a paper which u wud not have done normally,when a "ghoda" is placed on ur head?
so impractical unintelligent ppl like us should escape to is better to change ourselves than to change society

camelpost said...

There is a Dhyaneswar Vidyapeeth in Pune going about awarding degrees and what has UGC or AICTE done about it. Today many universities and colleges are offering MSc Computer Science for which AICTE has no say. Are standards to be maintained only if its BE or BTech Computer Science and no need for standards if the degree is named MSc? Society is obsessed with talking of standards only in Technical and Medical Education. Does not Science Arts curriculum require Standards to be maintained. After all let people realize that Society does not run only with Engineers, doctors and Pharmacists and requires all fields of knowledge. Let us talk of standards in education and not confine to only technical education

camelpost said...

The UGC and the AICTE “have no idea how to maintain standards”, says former IIT Madras director PV Indiresan. “Their culture is bureaucratic; they think that national accreditation will do. Even a simple observation of the number of responsible assessors needed to monitor 17,000 odd colleges will show that centralised accreditation is not the answer.”

In a recent survey in Businessworld, 64 per cent of the recruiters surveyed said AICTE accreditation is not important. One of the top business schools in India — the Indian School of Business (ISB) — does not have AICTE accreditation.