Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The last couple of days had seen a lot of thought speech and writings on India and the youth in general. These are random thoughts which I have attempted to write in a coherant fashion.
First, the ending of RDB does show the youth say enough is enough and talk of change. Enough of movies though. While movies do serve as a mirror of society sometimes, the bottom line is that they are fiction.
As far as a personal stimulus being needed before the youth go into action, SO WHAT? Ajay was killed and the kids decide to mess with the politicians. BIG DEAL. GANDHI WAS KICKED OUT OF A TRAIN, HITLER OUT OF AN ART SCHOOL and see the aftermath. Human beings do need something like personal trauma to get out of their ruts.
What I do gripe about is that while everyone manages to ape a John Abraham hairstyle, the Rajnikant "Style", the Vijay way of smoking, why do we not look at the Nala Sivams, Udayamoorthy's, DJ's and Michaels? I think the bottom line is that the psyche of the Indian youth is too shallow, too mediocre to think on any other plane.
Unless there is some kind of upheaval of the system, cannot see this country survive. In 59 years of independence, we have seen almost 50 years of congress rule, and the kind of mediocrity that comes with it. My friend and fellow blogger Sapta says we are a servile nation. WHAT THE F*CK DID YOU EXPECT? For Christ's sake we literally had our f'n freedom handed to us on a platter. If you take the Americans, they had to shed blood to get independence. They appreciate its value. We got our freedom right out of a begging bowl. In fact I credit Clement Atlee more than the half naked fakir for our independence. This is a nation of beggers and servility is our mainstay. Period. Freedom that was not earned cannot be appreciated.
It is amazing to see a country which has been destroyed by so few. M K Gandhi, Ambekar, J Nehru, Indira Gandhi., Rajiv, V P Singh. And if these people have caused our downfall, who is responsible? WE. WE listened to a half naked moron tell us to behave like Christ. WE took lathi charges silently instead of mobbing the bastards. WE voted in Mr Nehru as long as he was alive. WE let a casteist sod like Ambedkar write the constitution. WE called Indira "Durga". WE voted her back in 1980. WE were outraged when a Muslim woman demanded her rights after being divorced by her pig of a husband and was left with her dowry of a couple of rupees. WE caused the Shah Bano Infamy and WE demanded the Mandal Comission. And after 5 glorious years of Governence WE voted out the best damn govt. we ever had. (Not perfect, just best ever. In fact that is a glowing indictment of the other govts we have had so far.). If you complain of corruption WE are responsible for WE encourage it.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
It is the youth and the youth only who can make a difference. Today we face a situation where 69% of college seats are "reserved". Leaving us with a situation where 69% of college goers are f'n wastrels. We face a situation where there would be reservations in the private sector. In TN we have a fascist govt that has put the pontiff of the hindu religion behind bars. A govt. that constantly poking its nose into realms not of its concern - liquor sale, television, newspapers, colleges.It is bloody goonda's and rowdies who run this country. For eg, just today got a call from one of my "friends" telling me I had insulted "his area" guys and had to watch my step or else......Wow!! F U. It is reprehensible that these sorts of creatures who should be locked up in jail/zoo's are loitering and swaggering on the streets. It is incomprehensible that decent humans have to kowtow to these wretched pieces of crap.Nallavanukku kadaikara mariyadha ellam kettavanukku kadaikumodhu rathum kodhikuthu. Indha mari allungellam uyiroda vechikardhila enna labam? Something has to happen and happen fast before this country is sunk in the quagmire. There has to be change. STOP TELLING YOURSELF THAT SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT OR SOMEONE ELSE WOULD CHANGE THE SYSTEM. THERE IS NO SOMEONE ELSE. For a start, get out and vote, and make sure your vote counts. Question. The next time a policeman stops you on the road when you are driving ask why. Question. See. React. Get involved.
For koi desh be perfect nahin hai, perfect ban na padega.

- Hari

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enigma said...

glad to know there is AT LEAST one person who has not elevated MK Gandhi to a saint! He may have been a good person, his intentions that India should be a free country great, but his actions, particularly his refusal to listen to other great leaders who pleaded with Gandhi to carve out a separate land for muslims were disastrous for India. No one, including me wanted India carved out, but it is exactly what happened, and could have been done without the violence, bloodshed, and without giving away our precious Indus river. When the foundation for a building is not strong, the building will always be weak--India's freedom was built on a weak foundation, which is why this great nation is still struggling to find its strengths, and its rightful place among the great nations of the world.