Friday, January 20, 2006

Dogs - On demand

This is in response to a coversation I had on dogs and pets in general. The following was written pretty long ago, and my views have had no reason to change. The writing has been left unchanged, and if it appears kiddish, it probably is.

To some people a dog is a thing to be petted, pampered, cuddled, hugged etc. Such people cater to every whim and fancy of the dog. The net result is that the head of the family becomes the one with the tail.
However, to me, a dog is a creature which just knows how to bark, howl, bite, eat (an understatement) and of course sleep. The Bible states that we were born due to the "Original Sin." I never doubted that when it comes to a dog. Dogs have a sadistic belief that whenever someone walks by it, all the person actually wants is its rabid bite.
Some people say that dogs have a type of seventh sense. Certainly true. Dogs know exactly when to howl in order to wake us up.
Dogs are extremely protective towards their litter. If a person ever chances to make the fatal error of chasing a pup which tried to nip his ankles, the bitch leaps out of nowhere, inflicting injuries on the poor man.
Some of the dog's favourite past times are barking, biting, howling, nipping at other ankles, chasing its tail, getting dirty, getting sworn at and of course eating and sleeping. As a matter of fact some of these so-called "Watchdogs" do everything except guard the house.
Of course, even the world's greatest dog hater must like some dog or the other. There is no exception in my case either. I like dead dogs best of all.

- Hari


sapta said...

typical person who fears dogs.what a wimp.think when u were a baby ,did u not piss on somebody(happens to everyone).what if that person were to hit u or throw u down.would not ur mom hate the person internally for that or if she is impulsive may even abuse the person in front of everybody.
It is called "motherly care" and it is necessary for all creatures because without that very few offsprings would survive their early existance in this world.I believe the mother of the writer is still very possesive about her son,even at the age of 22.
altogether a thoughtless impulsive article

Anonymous said...

i very much agree the previous comment!!!
this article sucks!