Thursday, January 19, 2006

Anbe Sivam

" Anbin paadhai serpavarukku mudive illiyada........
Manadhin neelam edhuvo adhuve vaazhvin neelamada......"

While talking on God, cannot help but reflect on my all time favourite movie, if you can call it one (Adhayum thaandi punidhamanadhu), Anbe Sivam. A movie that really proclaims the truth on God, in a way that the masses would understand. Forget the socialist - capitalist banter, the movie digs into areas much deeper. From the use of Nasser's oft quoted " Victory to Lord Shiva", everytime he does something evil, to Maddy telling Kamal that bad people are not necessarily those who look bad. maddy ranting on what God would allow a child to be given false hope of life to Kamal saying that the mind that cried out for the death of an unknown child is God. Or the time when Kamal tells that he is God, because a woman in a tea shop told so, and Maddy saying he does not understand. Pat comes the rejoinder, 'Cause thats God. The poigant scene when Kamal finds out the child's name.........Innurumura Pawana? Kamal telling Santhanabarathi not to talk like an athiest. Madhavan telling kamal he is like a brother to him. ........En annan chinna vayasile ball pattu .....I told you all this man.....Ippo than oru annan kadachirukkan.........Idhu yen munnadiye sollale? Ithalen enna? solli than purityanama? Enna, Kaadhala enna? Sollinde Irrukarthukku. The dialogues between kamal and Nasser when kamal says he is the person who can grant a boon. The take on special dharshans and calling such a god a hired labourer. I could go on and on, but these are some of the most poigant memories of the movie for me. And of course, the brilliant song, and its setting.

" Yaar, yaar Sivam?
Nee, Naan Sivam.
Vazhve Thavam.
Anbe Sivam. "

- Hari

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