Monday, January 30, 2006

Those daring young men in their jaunty jalopies

Just finished reading this amazing book about the monte carlo rally.The name of the book as you see from the title of this blog is called "Those daring men in their jaunty jalopies".The story focuses upon the monte carlo rally but more so on two main characters namely Sir Cuthbert Ware-Armitage -owner of the Armitage motor company described in the book as the most ungentlemanly of gentlemen and an outrageous cheat to boot and on Chester Schofield -part owner of the above mentioned company. The story as it goes is that after the death of his father Sir cuthbert finds that his so called "honourable" pater has finally met his match and was given the slip by chester the american and as apart of the bet was forced to give half the company to him.Sir cuthbert tries to buy the company from the american and finally decieds that the only way to do so is by crook, so sir cuthbert challenges chester to a race and the winner among them gets the company.The rest as they say is absolutly hilarious .There are aos other characters who do'nt have much of role in this book but add to the general flavour especially the Schickel an escaped german convict who has been given the job of transporting some stolen jewels across the border in the spare tire of his car.On the whole a great book amazingly hilarious and if you like PG wodehouse this book is a charm.

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