Monday, January 30, 2006

F1 - random Thoughts

Pretty Hectic week in F1 with the Ferrari F248 and Williams team FW 28 makimg their debut. So Narain is off to test for Williams and Tata is to be a technology partner. Came across the earlier picture when Leyland (UK) sponsored the 1980 Williams Cosworth car that won their first ever Championship when Alan Jones took home the driver's and Willams the constructor's.
Kimi 12th in testing - Good God. What the fuck is wrong with Mercedes? Kimi has said that the engine is the weakest link. Well, I guess the Finn is off to the Scuderia. At least their engines actually last the race.
First impressions - Ferrari seem to be in good shape and with tyre stops should be a force to reckon with. At first glance seems to be Renault vs Ferrari. McLaren seem to have lost their edge and I can only hope it isn't 2004 revisited. Red Bull suck. Williams could be the dark horse, with Cosworth having the most experience with V8's. Expect BAR and Toyota to get a few podiums and the odd win if they get lucky but no more than that. Schumi seems to be the favourite for a 8th crown, and I can only hope that I am wrong. Hope the men at Woking manage to get everything Ok by March 12th.
Signing off on that optimistic note

- Hari

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