Thursday, January 19, 2006

Amit Choudhari

I just recently borrowed a novel from the british council authored my Amit Choudhari.Just with the intention of reading books by indian authors.
The first 50 pages went by just like that.No scope of thought or intention of provoking interest.The first 50 pages just describes a divorcee and his son returning to calcutta.They get down hail a cab and absorb the sights and sounds of an Indian metropolis.My first mistake was not to throw down the book in disgust(even Ruskin bond is better).It was a just a read through and a good time-pass(made me go off to sleep after 15 min).
Eventually I finished the book with 30 pages to go(i could'nt tolerate it any more).I was just thinking about the author how dour and mediocre his life would be.
"This book has won a Sahitya Academy Award"

- Sapta

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