Sunday, January 22, 2006

Family - An Insipid Rendering

Suffered a traumatic two and a half hours watching Amitabh's latest - Family. Storyline is pretty simple and mediocre. Akshay has a happy family. Amitabh kills Akshay inadverently. Aryeman (Akshay's wastrel brother) kidnaps Amitabh's family for revenge. To spin this out for more than two hours was god awful torture. The dialogues gave a new meaning for the word cliche, and when all the gunfire cleared at the end, one was not sure whether the director wanted to kill his audience as well. Am not going to waste more time on this excuse for a film. To sum, if you suffer from Insomnia, go watch the film. All others will do well to stay away.

- Hari

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