Saturday, January 21, 2006

The theraputic effects of Alcohol

Have been feeling pretty much under the weather for the past weeks, feeling extremely dehydrated and after a week of poking me in every vein known to man the doctors came up with a brilliant solution - the deficiency of something called ADH, and said I had to wait yet another ten days to confirm there diagnosis. Felt absolutely sick of sitting in my house and went out to a bar yesterday. Interestingly, after a couple of mugs, felt absolutely fit, and to date that dehydrated feeling has vanished. Then realisation dawned! Had not had a mug for a good two weeks. No wonder I was dehydrated. Nothing to do with ADH. Just good old Ethanol! I guess my body isn't equipped to deal with alcohol losses over such a period. Reminded me of Cap'n Haddock who fainted after touching a glass of water.
Vive la Alcohol!! Cheers!!

- Hari

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