Thursday, June 28, 2007

SIVAJI - an extravagant crap

Sivaji, the recent over-hyped movie, has been released and churning money everyday (A Rajini movie as expected). What is really there in this movie for an extravagant expenditure and tons & tons of people falling for it? I really dont know the answer.

Story goes like this.. A software engineer returns to India from the US with enormous amount of money to start an university to serve the public. Compromising on his principles, the protaganist bribes the government officials to clear the hurdles. Subsequently, the hero goes bankrupt and disinters the black money from billionaires. Converting this black money into white (a thought provoking process ofcourse), he fulfills his dream. To add spices to this 4 line story, the hero dies and comes back to life in a different identity to kill the antagonist.

Amidst this, the hero falls in love with a common girl and marries her. Shreya has done a goody goody role in dancing with the Superstar for alluring tunes and shedding some tears in few scenes. Also Rajni has tried to attract the mass with his inane comedies in the first half of the movie. Enough dissapointments for someone who expects a unique stuff (like Mudalvan etc).
Shankar, a high budget director, have maintained his trend with a skyrocketing film budget. Extravagant expenditure on song backgrounds, costumes, etc etc. Rajini's young makeover is noteworthy, especially the tonsured makeover. When the audience are getting used to his old age looks, this movie has broken the preconceived images.

In general, the movie has quenched the thirsty fanatics of Rajni. And as usual, Rajni has attracted the crowd with fierce action movements and unreal gravity controlled camera sequences. But this movie doesnt deserve an extreme hype that was given.

In short, sivaji is an stereotypical Rajini movie garnished with extravagant expenditures.
- Diwakar

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