Monday, June 25, 2007

Chris Benoit - RIP

21/05/1967 - 25/06/2007

I am in shock as I write this. Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and 7 year old son Daniel were found dead in their home at Atlanta today. Chris was scheduled to wrestle CM Punk for the ECW title on Sunday, 25th June at the Vengance PPV at Houston today. Minutes before the match was scheduled to begin, it was announced that Benoit had to leave to Atlanta due to a family emergency. No details were given. It was announced on WWE earlier today that Chris and his family were found dead at their home. Authorities are still investigating. Tonights 3 hour RAW from Corpus Christi has been cancelled, and WWE will air a tribute show on USA instead.
Chris is - was one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all times, and his matches with Bret Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle etc. will surely go down in history. He was one of those rare wrestlers who could work a good match with almost anybody and a great match with a good opponent. Chris was one of the wrestlers who truly gave to the business. His matches with MVP solidified MVP's status and put him over with the fans.
I still cannot believe that I will no longer see the Rabid Wolverine apply the crossface anymore. Chris is a future Hall of famer and WWE as well as the fans will sorely miss him. I sure will,
Thank you Chris.
- Hari

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