Sunday, June 10, 2007

Phony Cinemas

I was just wondering how herculean would it be if I happen to watch a person thrashing almost 20 brawny individuals in reality. Sounds cinematic..right.. It is possible only in cinemas. A lean fellow knocking everyone who stands against him, an age old person smacking down muscular men in no time, what not..everything is possible in big screen for a simple reason of emphasizing a heroic image. Telugu industry seem to be a king and a trend setter for these.

Tollywood, an industry new to me (saw few telugu movies of late), is no different from the commercial Tamil movies but I found it more repulsive when it comes to these unreal and unimaginable action sequences which were aggrandized to a great extent. Gravity controlled shots, heroes flying in unwonted gestures, smashing a whole city in no time, totally unaffected even after stabbing with a poisonous knife, what not.... Everything for a single reason that hero is always unstoppable. Even he is a human right....Do directors think public will accept anything when a tag named "ABOLISHING EVIL" is attached? Are they aware that these unfathomable actions at times became hilarious? (Vijayakanth's and Rajinikanth's movies)

It is high time for a dose of reality. I do accept that a commercial movie can't be taken without a wild and violent action scenes. But that shouldn't mean everything should be unimaginable. Action sequences can be handled with a tinge of reality.

Further to this, when such a movie is a box office hit in one industry, the same thing is carried over in the name of remake. Vijay, Simbu, Jayam Ravi, etc.. are branded as commercial heroes and are well known for their remakes & adaptations. Very few good movies are remade in other languages that too only after adding spices in the name of fights, hero introduction, mass attraction. (Manichitrathazhu remade as Chandramukhi with too much extra spices). A successful monetary return after the release of a stereotypical movie is good enough criteria for a remake. Are the directors running out of fresh stock and innovative storylines? Do they think they can't attract crowd without a stereotypical framework?

These questions remain unanswered as usual.

- Diwakar


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