Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Is President Elections getting murkier?

President elections and controversies about the candidates have taken over the headlines in most of the papers of late. The sad part is that this time, the post of President have become more politically centered with controversial back stabbings and incessant personal slurs. Do these things make the president elections more murkier? Why does the election for the post of President, THE MORAL ICON OF INDIA, getting into a heated debate this year? Is it because that the candidates nominated by the Political parties are not worthy enough?

Congress upfronts Ms. Prathiba Patel, backed up with leftists (CPI). Have the congress done due diligence when they came up with the name? Many allegations have come up against her after the nominations? Furthemore, the opinions and ideas which the candidate makes about Spirituality, Pradah system, Family planning, God talking to her, etc are horrifying. Is the nation ready to project a person of this sort as a moral icon? Is congress trying to fill another post with a rubber stamp person? Is the general election that is coming not far from now has a role to play in this President election too? There seem to be a high possibility that the coming general elections end up in a hung parliament situation. Do congress upfronting a President from its side with backing ups from parties like Lefts etc is to take over the control? These questions which Congress alone have answers for remain unanswered to the public.

The foremost point that Congress brings in favour of its candidate is that, after 60 years of independence India need a Woman President. And for this foremost reason, the choice no. 7 Ms. Prathiba patel have seem to be pulled up to the first choice. And this positive point have covered most of the allegations against her family. Is India in dearth of grand ladies to nominate for the President post? Further to this, congress backs up saying that the canditate have no role to play in any illegal activities which are refuted by RBI and various parties. This extended for many unleashing comments from the opponent parties. But why does the CPI backs up a person with so many allegations? Will there be a smoke without a fire? And the fire in this case seem to be the post of Vice President. Are people made fools with these political chaos?

Banks run under the name of Patil going bankrupts after issuing loans to their own family members is not trifle thing. Further criminal allegations that seem to revolve around Ms. Patil can't be taken as trifle when she was in the responsible post to control? Further to this, havent these controversies creeped in when she became the Governor. Was it not properly brought to public in a national level?

Then comes Mr. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat upfronted by NDA. Mr. Shekhawat who was a party member until two weeks back have suddenly turned out to be a Private and an individual canditate. Is this a political trick?

Ultimately Mr. Kalam, the one considered as people's president, and his works in the noble chair is left unnoticed in this chaos.

The effective point is 'Isn't President post is above all political issues?'. Should the conventional act of Political party voting for a president prevail further? Can't this convention change and step into a new system of selecting a person without a political party tag attached? Not necessarily an academician or noble laureate should be nominated for the post. But an untainted person with a fair knowledge of legislation can be projected as a moral icon.Let us wait till the President election to know the moral image of India.

- Diwakar

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