Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cherishable Waynad

Life is pretty different when one steps into the working environment after a carefree college life. How enjoyable will it be when few college friends rejoin for a trip to an immaculate location? Thanks to Waynad - the place which brought back the enthusiasm and the bliss of my college days.

It was not easy to unite people for a fun trip. Right from wheedling to chiding, what not in the process? Excuses, excuses and excuses. Excuses in the name of work, in the name of training, in the name of money, in the name of family and in the name of CAT. From eight the number came down to five and the fine day of departure was on Thursday (my last working day).

The train was scheduled to reach Calicut at daybreak on Friday. But will it happen with our Indian railways? Never. So the train was late as usual. The moment we stepped into Calicut, the bells started ringing in our stomach. So after our brunch in a small hotel, we were heading towards Waynad. As such we were jabbering and giggling during our drive, which was doubled when we saw the way our driver accosted to enquire about the route. “chuk-chuk” is his famous phrase I think.

Wynberg resort is the secluded location that we chose to stay for the next three days. Who will have a reluctance to stay in a tree house? Our tiredness and leg pain after sitting in a cramped position in the cab went unnoticed the moment we saw the resort. To describe the resort in few words - Green ambient, few rooms amidst the bushes, small pathway leading to each house, silent environment. Wow, an awesome place. Two houses were allotted to us - a tree house and an igloo.

Tree house in which we stayed:

What more do one want rather than a good homemade food, pleasant ambient and friends around? But we decided to go for an outing on all three days and to enjoy our nights in the resort. So we visited few tourist spots like a temple, a cave, a dam, boating and an adventurous jungle safari. Thinking that he is a professional photographer, one of my friend took over the job and one more with a head strong notion that he is an ad-model, started posing for all the photographs all through the outings. But it was fun always.

Amidst the pestering of one of my friend to get back to Chennai in the mid, one lousy meal outside a temple, prolonging tiresome car drive, we enjoyed. Enjoyed as if there is no tomorrow.

This is the gang that went to Waynad :) From L to R - Vivek, Ananth, Myself, Vijayagopan and Shankar

Though we had a great time all through the trip, a small voice was keep on saying that, this will be a last trip together for all of us. In the name of marriages, higher studies etc twists and turns do happen in each and everyone’s life. But will it stop us from going for a trip like this again? Hope for the best. Willfully leaving the adage incomplete.

- Diwakar

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