Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quit India

I know this sounds strange after 59 years of independence, but then equally strange was the government decision yesterday to search and frisk students at public spots such as the beach, in response to a threat by the Islamic Students Union. If the government cannot even control these half baked extremists, how the hell do they plan to supress the jehadi militants and professional terrorists like Let?? This kind of fascist opression is way out of line and it is high time the eyeties went back home. It is disgraceful to see the kind of paranoid reaction, reminiscent of mad Texans. If the central and state government need to stop every student and rip out their bikes as a reaction to this "threat", it is high time both the DMK government at the state and UPA government at the center resign and go home. If you cannot control a state, you have no business being in power.
From Simon to Sonia we have two words for you -GO HOME.

- Hari

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