Sunday, August 20, 2006


After being hyped by Sathyam Cinema for the last two weeks, their latest pure cinema offering Downfall, is nothing but a waste of money to a serious filmgoer / person with a keen interest in history. The film chronicles the 18 days between Hitler's last birthday on April 20 1945 to V E Day on May 8. The primary emphasis is on the 10 days till Hitler commits suicide. Based on the book Downfall : Inside Hitler's bunker, by Fest, the movie depicts a shallow one dimensional picture of Hitler as an absolute megalomaniac who has lost touch with reality. Nazi generals are portrayed as corrupt and self serving fools, and the end with the glorification of a scey. who suddenly realises her mistakes almost made me retch. In spite of the directors biased and unfair portrayal, there are a few poigant scenes as when the SS Leader tells the doc that they have to carry on the fuhrer's mission. When the doc asks for a show of hands evey single officer raises his hand. Though the director tries to portray these men as brainwashed fools, their patriotism has to be noted. All in all, for all those who would love to hate the Nazi's, you can watch this movie and come away with a smug satisfaction that you were right about those "barbarians." For people who are as yet not brainwashed by jewish propaganda / are actually interested in the truth - stay away.

- Hari

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Falstaff2006 said...

i think it is a beautifull portrayal of nazi germany attitude.hitler was the only "man" according to me in his group of generals.well inner politics spoil most efforts anywhere and so also in the fall of berlin