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This blog is wholly dedicated to my classmates. At the outset I'd like to tell you that this is not meant to hurt anyone. If you dont like the sound of it at the start you are free to skip it!

Identify yourself. To which category do u belong?

Type 1: Ever Silent
Never never open their mouth in class. Not to teachers, not to fellow classmates. This is the kind of person who is likely to have 1 or 2 select close friends. But then the amount they talk to these friends would be quite unbelievable given their silent nature

Type 2: Never Silent
Always hyperactive, esp with staff. The kind that says 'I can use up a 50 hour internet connection pack in 2 days'... (guys, I think u know who Im talkin abt?) These people try to act like they are really 'it' and they've got 'it' and wat not. Most of the time they are the ones everybody tries to avoid

Type 3: Never Silent (with a slight modification) only with girls
These guys usually abound in Computer Science departments. Even during lunch and tea breaks they dont socialise with other guys. They are always in the company of girls. And if mallus dont take offence, they are usually mallu guys!

Type 4: Sly Characters
These are guys who hang out with 'macho' buddies. But they r actually dying to talk to girls. Will hurt girls in public by making open remarks but usually they are tryin to get the attention of the girls they hurt. Dont have the guts to talk to them openly. This is the kind that is most detested by girls.

Type 5: Variation of Type 4
They have guts to talk to girls, but not in front of their friends. Forever scared of what others might think, what others might say! They will talk to girls only over the phone and if you want a good laugh, you should try to over hear these convos. Some of the silly things they say would be: 'Why dont you come out with me? ' - Knowing full well that the girl will refuse. Sometimes the girl should say ok, then we'd get to see their reaction!!

Type 6: Girl Haters
Try to avoid girls, talk ill of them etc etc. Sorry, cannot give too much importance to such ppl!

Type 7: Thayir saadams
They'll talk to everybody - but only regarding the syllabus, or abt how much they respect some particular staff. But these blokes are much more decent cos they dont involve themselves in any brawls

Type 8: Macho
Forever showing off. Trying to impress ppl by walking on their heads, wearing a shirt inside out, removing the silencer from the motorbike and wat not.... Really entertaining to watch!!

Type 9: Can I call them 'Brahmins?' (again, no religious sentiments/caste sentiments hurting stuff...ok?)
They'll talk to girls, spend a lot of time with them, claim to be friends, BUT will bitch like crazy... worse than girls....really pathetic to watch them at work

Type 10: Charmers
The best of the lot! Good looking guys, will speak very politely with all girls, will not bitch about them, will do anything to keep up their honour. Rare find!

Anyway, if yo've got bored reading this and cant actually classify urself into any of these, lets take a look at popular 'girl types'

Girl 1: The ubiquitous USER
This is the type by which all girls are tagged. They are like weeds, very selfish characters. They will usually be quite good looking (this is phase 1 of their plan actually) and will mix very well with guys. And the innocent fellows will be victimised earlier on in the game. They make use of guys in their own petty ways. And in exchange for the favors obtained from guys, they will usually make the guy feel jealous by hinting about possible relationships with some other third person. A typical convo would be like this:
Boy: Ok, so what plans do u have for tonight?
Girl: Actually, am going out for dinner with a friend
Boy: Oh, really..... who is it?
Girl: (Being too coy) I dont know if I can tell u.... he might not like it
Boy: (Really pissed now) ok, fine then....
Girl: (After quite some time of idle chit chat and discussion of other stuff) Hey the guy is my cousin ok? dont get worked up for all this!

Now, what do u suppose is the reaction of our guy?? He's so happy that the so called guy is not some other 'rival' and immediately he showers her with some gift or the other..... (hasnt this happened to u ppl??? - If it has, pls for heaven's sake dump the bitch!!)
But these girls are also very careful. They never make any honest statement abt their interest in the guys. They just like to keep the guy waiting....

Girl 2: Frank Characters
Like our Type 10 guys, these are also very rare finds. Totally frank, would never want anyone to get hurt. Can be read like an open book. This is the type that usually succeeds in creating a lot of platonic relationships with guys. But guys are normally really silly and never realise the value of such girls. Ex is Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Shahrukh in the same film... lol!!!

Girl 3: Stealers
They are girls who usually befriend guys they like and act like they'll help the guy in all his affairs and stuff, but then end up stealing the guy from his girl. Beware of these ppl - they are usually more beautiful than type 1 girls (obviously... otherwise how do u think they succeed in stealing guys?)

Anyway, this didnt come out as well as i expected it to - mainly cos I've stopped myself from mentioning examples..If u have any doubts reg whom i've classified into which group, pls contact me... lol!!!

- Chandri

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