Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thambi - A study in Mediocrity

Seen Thambi today. Spectacularly fails in its imitation of movies like Indian / Gentlemen / Yuva / Rang De Basanti. The dialogues and acting had the entire audience in splits. Unfortunately the movie was not a comedy. It is amazing that a single man could knock out an entire gang with one punch and a glare. And of course our angry young hero would spurn the coy heroines love till the very end. And to see the entire gang of "dadas" decide to turn them in at the end. Revolting crap.
Off on a side note - would love to see the villains actually beat the good guys in just one movie. Now THAT would depict reality.
On another tangent - It is a plain disgusting to see movies like thambi, Aaru, Aathi etc. do well in the box office. If our audiences can make box office hits of these pathetic excuses for movies and movies like Anbe Sivam or Yuva are deemed failures - makes my blood boil. People of TN have simply proved that they have an IQ less than that of a retarted monkey.

- Hari


Falstaff2006 said...

it is not that the ppl of TN have a intellect of a retarded monkey.It is us who can not stand the mediocrity.It is evident that u in particular can not stand this b'cos u have been watching too much of intellectual plays and art films lately with ur eccentric friend.
parakkadu.stand on firm soil

Chandhrika said...

Unfortunately I didnt read the review and ended up watchin the damn thing t the theater!!! :(
Funny action flick - madhavan acts like he s mad - Not ANGRY mad, REALLY more like 'I am a nut case' mad! And the villain's dialogue in the last scene which goes like - 'Avar namma kula saami' really had us all laughing. Wats worse is Manivannan's character in the film - a jerk who has no other work other than moving from scene to scene along with 'Thambi'. The film was a mixture of too many others. Instances:
1. His name 'Velu thanmbi' something sounds very much like Nayagan's Velu Naikkar
2. The villain having a loving and caring family who are quite oblivious of his true nature is similar to the 'concept' in Run
3. The death of his whole family is typical of any Shankar film (where very necessarily a beautiful family should die!)
4. One song sequence is just like 'Pachhai kiligal tholodu' from 'Indian'
And on the whole it was a totally useless one - a somewat feel good flick, but makes u feel bad cos u wasted money and time :)