Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Random Ramblings

Ah......been a long time. First time in over three weeks that I have been able to actually sit in front of a comp. for a prolonged period. After a tour of Namakkal, Vijayawada and B'lore had to analyse the data collected. And preparation of SOP, and other docs. took up rest of time not earmarked for a movie or drama.
Coming to the latter, it has been a good year for theatre so far. Saw a fantastic production of Sammy, a play that talks about Mohandas and the Mahatma. Joy Sengupta is an absolute natural as the finicky Mohan. Yet another production I enjoyed was Antigone, by the Stella Theatre group. Great to see a classic drama, not to mention classic babes!! The girl who played Creon stole the show in a memorable performance. The other play which was of interest was the Boulevard Production of Neil Simon's Come, blow your horn. The dad, played by Harihar literally had us splitting our sides.
Another event I need to mention is the UK education fair held on Feb 26 and 27. With over 50 universities coming down, was extremely useful for applicants. Of course, of even more significance is the LSE visit on March 2 and 3.
Nearly forgot about this. After almost 6 years had visited my school, regarding admissions for my boss. Unfortunately, chose to go on the day hall tickets were being issued, and the entire faculty had to remind me of the time in 10th when I refused to apply the Kumkum being offered, saying I did not believe in such things. God!! Though it was great seeing my school after such a long time. Had to meet every single staff member induvidually and was really a trip down nostalgia lane. Seems like yesterday when I joined and there were around 10 classrooms. Still remember the rotten tree where we used to pick mushrooms and caterpillars. Today the school has grown exponentially. Ah!! School!!
Off on F1, the McLaren livery is STUNNING. And the improvements made to the car in such a short time is good news for us fans. If only Mercedes could build an engine that lasts for two race distances.
Finally, Bret "Hitman" Hart will head the WWE hall of fame inductees this year. While this is great news for me as a Hitman fan, once again just cant help recollecting the days when my classmates and I would cheer him on, and try putting each other in a sharpshooter. Today he is to be inducted in the hall of fame. Time flies indeed.

- Hari

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