Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sandhya's Diary

July 4, 07

Dear Diary,

Today it was kind of sad and happy day. The happy part is that I got my own email and started to write emails to my family. The bad part was that my brother Hari died just today. He was only 24 years old and died.

He was the best brother I ever had and always think about him. He was the one who told my dad to get a hamster for my b’day. I really do miss him very much. I am really mad and upset about him when he died. He always told me to read a book. So my dad went to Lancaster to see his room and every thing and bought lots of books. From thick to thin he bought every single book. I want the whole family to know. So if you are reading this, please pass this to your child.


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Anonymous said...

hello Sandhya, I was very touched by your words about your brother. I assme you are a young girl. Please ask your parents to set up your own site, where you can write about the books you read, your feelings about brother, and your other activities. It would be good for other children to read your views, and good for your too, so that you learn to express yourself effectively. If you keep a diary, long after you are grown up, you can even write a book! Good luck to you!