Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sexual Harrasment and the "Being Feminist" Blog

This is in response to the blog titled, "Men....hee hee...Funny really!! Men!!! " on the site http://beingfeminist.blogspot.com/, and in specific to the three references quoted on the blog, which are being reproduced below. [NOTE :- THIS BLOG ADDRESSES THE FOLLOWING REFERENCES ONLY AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OTHER COMMENT QUOTED ON THE ABOVE WEBSITE.]
1. http://thelampros.blogspot.com/2006/12/feminismequality-or-female-chauvinism.html#links
2.Hari said... only a potential boyfriend or enemy.......BULLSHIT.......get real u pervert
3.But let me tell u something...this, what u guys have just done.....goes by the name....Cyber sexual harrassment....and did you know u can be behind bars for this???? if u didnt, then u might as well do a google search on it! but i am sure you do know it....it is just that u are so pathetically male to take it serious!i wonder what more responses you will come up with.....but i pretty much know what you will be capable off....men...after all!!

With regard to reference 3 :

1. The blog on this site, quoted in reference 1 is open for the entire Internet community to read. The idea that it contains terms that can be described as sexual harrasment is laughable.
2. The comment in reference 2 was written in response to the lines - so given the kind men are, u have only two choices. u will either be viewed as his aspiring girlfriend or his enemy. i choose to be the enemy. atleast now, i can be myself! . Again, the sexual harrasment is not obvious to me.
3. If the above responses are sexual harrasment, refer to the comment of a contributor to the being feminist blog which can be found in link 1. So, a guy can comment like this on a guy's blog but not on a female's? This is the height of sexual discrimination according to me.
4.If you consider any of the above sexual harasment, PLEASE do take the necessary action. I am not ashamed of anything I wrote and am willing to defend them wherever necessary.
5. How come cartoons on males are OK while an ATM joke on females is not? (Scroll down the being feminist blog to understand the point made here.)
6. I consider the opinions expressed in your blog, expressly quoting reference 1 and 2, as highly defamatory and slanderous. I further consider that the quotation of references 1 and 2, used to highlight 3 as incompetent, irrelevent and imaterial.
7.I do hope that you know defamation of character is also an offence punishable under the IPC Sec. 499, 500 and 501 with imprisonment and a fine.

I hope this puts an end to the whole unsavoury episosde.

- Hari


Oxymoron said...

Feminism and Chauvinism both tip the scales on either side - not a good thing. Finding the balance requires some work but is not impossible. Feminism is not equalism,neither is chauvinism. Men and women are equal, but on different planes. We are so different from each other and its in these differences that we complement each other.
I tried tabbing between the two blogs to try and make sense of this virtual war. Frankly, couldn't!

Anonymous said...

Dude,i'll tell you what...something that i observed

i)A male feminist is a guy suffering from extreme inferiority complex amongst men and so takes up the side of women to become some kinda icon amongst females.

ii)Females are great manipulators,if only men are clever enuf to recognize this and not allow women to use their ego,the world wud have been a much better place to live in.

iii)Deepan Kannan was sodomised in his childhood,and so he is against men.

iv)You rock!!