Friday, July 07, 2006


Orkut- the recent network service that has almost created a revolution among the youngsters in this internet world. Is Orkut- a boon or a bane? For a person like me, a bench sitter in a mechanical company (though may sound new- but true), its a boon. What can i do other than orkutting?

Wickepedia says that "Orkut" is named after its creator, Google employee, Orkut Büyükkökten. What should i call him? - an altruist, a social worker or might have been a bench sitter himself. Scraps, communities, fans, hot list, crush list...what not?? In short, orkutting has become a part of life..... the next thing to browse after the mailbox.

Furthermore, playing frivolous games like a kid and vaunting by having higher no of what can bring in such a pleasure? When my smart friend received 80% sexy rating and the other one with 100% sexy has ragged him to an extent that the former started bribing people with alcoholic drinks for the sake of the rating. Isn't this interesting?

So let us continue orkutting ......................

- Diwakar

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